Finding the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Position

Getting the best night’s sleep is particularly important for your overall health.  It is part of recharging your body and helping to get you ready for the next day.  This includes restless sleep, sleeping during the wrong hours against your body’s biological clock, which by the way is at night.  Many people have trouble sleeping at night because they hurt and are not comfortable. All of these problems can cause serious health issues such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, brain not thinking clearly, exhaustion and can honestly make a person sick and not just have problems getting through the day.  Selecting the best mattress can help to reduce many of these issues.

It is important to find the best mattress that fits your sleep position. This will help to support your body and give you comfort helping you to have a more restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

There are three main categories of sleeping positions that most people will sleep at night.

Back Sleepers

With all of these sleep positions, there are a different type of mattress that would best be suitable for each position.  The most recommended sleeping position that has been recommended for years by the medical field is sleeping on your back.  This position seems to have the least amount of people that actually sleep this way.  When sleeping on your back, the only recessed that is not supported for the most part is the lumbar region.  A back sleeper would benefit the most by using a mattress that offers some firmness but also offers a softness that would allow a little sinking of maybe around 2 inches.  This would allow the lumbar region of your back to get the support that it needs.


Is one of the best mattresses that has been selected to work well for back sleepers and people with back pain.   This mattress offers comfort and support with a top outer layer that is comforting and soft to touch.  The comfort layer is now made from LSA 200 foam which is less dense than some and offers a bounce but yet keeps the sleeper lifted on top of the structure offering support that keeps them from sinking down inside of the layers.  This helps to give enough sinkage to support the lumbar area of the back but still offers the support it needs.  The next layer is called the transition layer and offers 2 inches of memory foam.  The foundation layer is made from high-density poly foam which gives this mattress its stability and shape.   This design also offers a cooling ability throughout the mattress helping to prevent night sweats for many sleepers.

Nectar Mattress

This mattress is another mattress that is of medium firmness, so that it is also a great choice for a back sleeper.  The top of this mattress is covered with a soft quilted cover that allows airflow to help with the circulation for the cooling effect.  The comfort layer of this mattress is made from a gel infused memory foam.  The transition layer is also made from a layer of memory foam that allows a quicker pressure response that eases you on down to the support of the firm lower layer.  The base layer is made of high density polyfoam which provides the stability to support the softer foam above it and adds to the shape of the entire mattress.  This mattress will allow you to sink down some but not too deep and will offer support on the lumbar, shoulders and hip area, giving most back sleepers a comfortable night’s sleep.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers will lay on their sides more in the fetal position feeling a safe and secure position.  The problem with this position if you do not have the best mattress for this position, is that there will be pressure points that you will wake up and be hurting in our neck, shoulders, back and hips.  When you are sleeping on your side on a mattress that does not offer you the support that your body needs, it creates a curve in your spine that is not natural and can cause back pain for many side sleepers.  Some of the mattresses that seem to work the best for side sleepers and gives them the support that they need have been tested and proven to work well.


The Layla is one of the recommendations for the best mattress for side sleepers.  The cover of this mattress is made of polyester blend which makes it soft and cozy.  The material on the cover is infused with gel to help with the temperature cooling of the mattress.  The top layer is a 3-inch memory foam that is infused with copper.   This allows a slow response to pressure and allows the top layer to contour around your body offering support in areas that need it.  The transition layer is designed from 2-inch foam that is made from HD Polyfoam.  Next is the support layer that is made from HD Polyfoam to add to the firmness and support of the bed.  Unlike most mattresses this support layer is not the final layer of this mattress.  The final layer of this mattress is made from 1-inch of memory foam infused with copper.  This design has been made where the mattress can be flipped over and will offer a softness with more firmness for support or when it is flipped again, there is more softness with the 3-inch memory foam for a more sinking feeling and not as firm.  The choice is yours how you turn this mattress.  On some tests, the softest side was the best side as far as pressure points for the side sleeper.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4

The purple Hybrid Premier 4 appears to be another great choice for side sleepers.  This mattress is covered with a polyester and spandex cover allowing it to be soft, breathable and stretchy for a secure fit.  The top layer of this mattress is designed with 4-inches of hyper-elastic polymer, which creates a great comfort and reduces pressure points for many side sleepers.  Next is the transition layer of poly foam that has been designed to ease the sleeper down to the bottom layer.  The bottom layer is support layer.  It has been designed pocketed coils which gives more support and lifts the sleeper up on top of the bed, not sinking down into the softness but having the support to take the pressure off of the pressure points.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are in the minority of sleeping positions.  It is important that stomach sleepers have the proper mattress because sleeping on your stomach can cause your spine to be out of alignment.  It is important to find a mattress that will allow your hips to be in alignment with your shoulders.  If you do not have the best mattress it is possible to wake up with back pain and even neck pain because of having pressure points that are not supported. There are some firmer mattresses out there that would be a good match for stomach sleepers.

WinkBed Plus

The WinkBed Plus has the firmness and the support that would be a good match for a stomach sleeper.  The top of the bed is covered by a quilted soft fabric blend that has been mixed with Tencel, which is a plant base that is known for its moisture wicking and cooling abilities.  It is also mixed with poly foam that gives it the comfort and protection from images being pressed into the surface.  The bounce layer is the next layer of this mattress and is made from 2.5 inches of latex foam that is also mixed with Tencel and produces a cooling layer along with a quick response to pressure to keep your from sinking into the bed.  The support layer is next and is designed with a pocketed system of individually wrapped coils.  The coils allow additional airflow and offer support to the sleeper keeping them lifted up on top of the bed.  This mattress offers an edge support that is made from a high density polyfoam offering support and shape to the mattress.  This quality mattress will offer support even to a heavier stomach sleeper.


The Zenhaven is another mattress that appears to work well for stomach sleepers.  This design has been made from natural cotton, latex and wool.  It offers two levels of comfort with its flappable design.  One side offers a comfortable plush, while the other offers a gentle firmness.  The cover is quilted and made from organic cotton and organic New Zealand wool, making it soft and extra cushiony.  The next layer is the plush layer made from Talalay Latex, which is smooth, bouncy and supportive.  Next is the core, this layer is designed from two layers of 1 ½ inches of Talalay latex that has been compressed together to form structural support, buoyancy and bounce.  The last layer is the gentle firm layer, which could actually be the top layer for more firmness when the mattress is flipped.  It offers 1.5 inches of more firm and supportive latex, which gives support to the lumbar area and helps with spine alignment.

The mattress will vary depending upon what style of sleeper you are.  There are also combination sleepers that may require even a bit of a different selection because they will sleep on their stomach sometimes and maybe their sides the rest of the night.  The proper support for your sleep will help you to wake up refreshed and rested and without pain.  This is important for your overall health and comfort.  Selecting the best mattress for your sleep position will give you a restful night’s sleep.


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