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Helping Friends During the Festive Season

The best gift you can give someone this year is kindness. This is particularly relevant this year as we have had a difficult time in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to distribute kindness amongst your friends, as well as people who are not as privileged as yourself.

Christmas As a Religious Concept

Originally, Christmas was a Christian festival, however, it has since evolved to become more of a cultural celebration. Despite this, the generosity that religion promotes is still attached to it. This notion of treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated is not an exclusively Christian concept; religious practices, such as Qurbani, is compulsory on Muslims. This is all about ensuring that your family, friends, and the less fortunate are fed

Giving Support

Favors don’t have to be huge gestures; they can be something as simple as a lift or offering a place to sleep. This will save them a great amount of effort, money, and time whilst also displaying your care and appreciation for the person. Especially during the stress of Christmas, this will go a long way in making the season a bit more manageable for someone.

Invite Friends Over for Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a time of indulgence and sharing a comforting homecooked meal amongst friends is an ideal way of showing care. Not only will this alleviate a huge Christmas pressure for them, but it will bring people together and make the day itself more enjoyable. A dinner invitation shows a lot of thought and will always be appreciated by the recipient.

Buy Thoughtful Gifts

Typically speaking, we associate Christmas with presents. Despite this, no one wants to receive a gift that they feel is a burden to find and buy. If a gift lacks thought, it suggests that thinking about it was too much of a hardship. Instead of surrendering to a basic gift, consider what your recipient would actually like and appreciate and make the effort to get it for them. Remember, thoughtful doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

Give Money or Food to Rough Sleepers

It’s likely that people living on the street will have not had nutritious food and a comfortable place to sleep for quite some time. To lend a helping hand, you might box up some of your Christmas dinner so that they can have a warming meal on Christmas. Alternatively, you could give them some money to put towards accommodation so that they’re not sleeping on the streets over the cold, winter season. This will make someone feel more safe and secure in a frightening world.

Donate To Food Banks

On the build-up to the big day, food banks will supply families with the necessities to pull together a dinner for Christmas. It might not be the lavish feast that many of us come to want and expect but for someone who is struggling, this goes a long way. You can help by donating packets and tins that you would otherwise forget about, clearing out your overflowing cupboards, and filling up someone else’s empty ones.

Donate to Charity

There are thousands of charities worldwide, each catering to a different set of people. This Christmas, you might make a difference by selecting a charity and donating to it. Whether it’s a one-off donation to a collection bucket, or you sponsor a child or animal or do something else, every contribution helps someone in need.

Everyone deserves to be cared for over the festive period and taking these steps can help you ensure that this happens. Be a good neighbor this holiday season.