How Blue light glasses are a life-changer for WFH peeps?

Work from home is the new normal. With the new changes, we’ve got to adapt ourselves to deal with the aftermath of these conditions. With everyone working from home since the pandemic happened, blue light glasses have become a talking point. Each day you see brands promoting their blue light glasses, due to the effects of WFH on people’s health.

To give you a little context, blue light rays emitted from digital devices have shown to disrupt sleep quality, leading to long term health conditions. In addition to causing a severe set of eye problems and discomfort.

Blue light isn’t a current issue, it’s existed to an extent which wasn’t concerning. Now that we’re giving more and more time to our laptops at homes, the detrimental effects have started to roll in. From Netflix-binge-watch to hours of Insta scrolling, our eyes are exposed to more blue light rays than ever. We are guilty of it and have come across eye problems every once in a while but most of us chose to ignore it.

Are blue light rays damaging?

Blue light rays are everywhere, the sun being the biggest source of it. But, the effects of blue light rays from the screen is exponentially higher than the sun.

Overuse of digital screens causes several vision complications, potential risk and even disrupts our natural circadian rhythms.

Blue light rays are indeed harmful, as they stay in the close proximity of our eyes, and its overexposure leads to various eye problems. These rays also stimulate the brain at night, by suppressing the melatonin secretion and disrupting the sleep quality.

It’s been also suggested that if we don’t take early action against blue light rays, the rays can cause cataract and macular degeneration.

How do Blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses are effective in blocking blue light rays and eliminating eye problems. Once eye conditions like eye-strain, headache, dry-eyes, blurry vision are set to reduce, you’ll experience enhanced visual clarity and protective environment to continue working.

These spectacles help to bring back the melatonin production, thus improving your sleep. Melatonin production starts in the evening when people are ready to sleep. So when we start to use our computer screens or smartphones at night, the blue light messes with our natural clock and manipulates our brain into thinking it’s daytime. Thus you feel alert, active and awake all night, and feeling exhausted the next morning.

The pineal gland responds to blue light during the day that helps with the regulation of our normal circadian rhythm. When you are exposed to an excessive amount of blue light, especially in the night, it leads to various other problems apart from just sleep.

Once your sleep/wake cycle is disrupted, its implication can cause problems with our immune system, menstrual cycle, productivity, seasonal activity and more. So the best part of wearing blue light glasses is that it prompts to clear up the problems caused by blue light, and return backs our natural cycle and thereby, improve our sleep.

And you can get blue light coatings on both non-prescription and prescription glasses. Anyone who is guilty of prolonged screen time has to have blue light glasses with them.

Blue light glasses and Work From Home

Now that our work office has shifted to our homes, we can’t help but build an unhealthy dependency on screens. If you have been also missing out on your sleep, and have a bad sleep routine, then blue light glasses can help drastically.

Although it’s not just blue light glasses, you also have to take a few hours off from the screen, to help with your sleep improvement. Try to maintain a strict routine while you are going to sleep: no phones an hour before bed and keep the light very dim to generate an ambience. Don’t slip away to reply to a text, if you can’t help yourself then keep your phone in the next room. You can also take breaks in the daytime while you are working. Take the 20-20-20 test, and start at a 20 meters distance object for 20 seconds for every 20 minutes.

Apart from just eliminating blue light rays, we also need to reduce our screentime. Wear blue light glasses at the start of your work and while you are scrolling Instagram and answering emails.

To put it simply, these glasses are great for improving your sleep, eliminating eye problems and also improving your productivity and mood. If you don’t like to wear glasses, you can get a pair of contact lens that has a blue light coating, you can check out this website to know more about it.

Where to shop blue light glasses?

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Plus, all glasses at Specscart comes fully-loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coating for free. So you glasses won’t just block blue light, it also reflects UV rays and unwanted glares, thus giving you an enhanced vision.

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