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How to Choose and Clean Wall Mirrors

With the development of science and technology, the impact on people’s lives is increasing. Advanced technology and technology produce better quality products, making people’s life more and more convenient. In daily home life, people have more and more kinds of home products. No matter big or small, each product design is tasteful and practical.

Especially for newly decorated families, it is necessary to choose more advanced and intelligent household products. This reduces unnecessary trouble for later replacement. No matter what kind of product will choose a big brand, the quality is more reassuring. Among many household products, wall mirror is a necessary household product.

There are many kinds of wall mirrors according to people’s different uses. The corridor mirror makes the corridor look broad. The fitting mirror is convenient for people to use in their daily life and dress up. Bathroom wall mirrors are convenient for people to use when making up and washing. Wall mirrors can bring different effects to people in different positions. It is a household product that many families will use. So how can we choose a suitable wall mirror? I hope you can refer to the following suggestions.

  1. This is according to the installation position. Wall mirrors are installed in different positions. This can bring different uses to everyone. The size of the wall mirror will depend on the installation position. Generally speaking, there are more hanging on the washstand and bathroom. Other locations are only used to increase the sense of space and daily dressing.
  2. This is according to the price. As the saying goes, good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good. The same is true for wall mirrors. A good wall mirror will bring a good imaging effect to people. It won’t be long before the imaging effect of the mirror surface becomes worse. The imaging inside is blurred. This affects people’s later practicality. Good wall mirrors have waterproof, anti-fog and anti-rust functions. This is convenient for people to use. But the price is higher. For the new home, many people will choose products in one step. This reduces the convenience of later use.
  3. According to the brand. The choice of wall mirrors cannot be made casually, especially for newly decorated families. Choosing a good wall mirror can improve the family’s taste in life. It can provide more convenience for people to use and make life more refined. The big brands in the market are good. Don’t look for small brands when choosing wall mirrors. Those products seem to have a good appearance. But their later service life is far behind that of big brands. The use effect will be reduced with the passage of time.
  4. Look at the quality. When choosing a wall mirror, only by believing in one’s eyes can one choose a good product. Don’t listen to the salesman’s deception. After determining the brand and type, it depends on the thickness of the wall mirror. Good wall mirrors are thicker. Look at the imaging effect inside. A good wall mirror will not feel floating, and the image of distant objects will not deform. It can be seen from the edge of the mirror that the mirror is straight but not curved. Careful consumers can see if the primer on the back falls off or has needle holes. The reflective layer inside can be seen at the edge. The reflectivity of the silver-plated reflective layer is much better than that of the aluminized wall mirror. The aluminized reflective layer is copper-colored. The silver-plated color is dark. Consumers should choose a suitable wall mirror from the perspective of the use effect and their own personal tests.
  5. This is according to demand. At present, there are a wide variety of wall mirrors on the market. All kinds of brands and grades and different uses will affect the price of wall mirrors. Many consumers will have choice phobia after seeing these situations. If you want to choose a wall mirror, you must choose a suitable wall mirror according to your own needs, location, size, budget price and other factors. Generally speaking, wall mirrors are divided into framed and frameless. The advantages and disadvantages of the two are different. As long as the wall mirror is placed in the required position and looks fashionable, atmospheric and tasteful. In general, many consumers will choose big brands with appropriate prices. On the basis of a reasonable price, it can ensure the later use effect.

When people choose the wall mirror, they will face the problems of installation and practical cleaning and maintenance in the later period. Due to the material of the mirror itself, consumers must seal the edges according to different positions when installing. Especially bathroom wall mirrors. Due to the long-term humid environment, mirrors are prone to oxidation. Doing a good job of sealing is the key first step.

The new wall mirror will have a protective film on the surface to ensure people’s use effect. However, with the increase of use time, many mirrors will look not bright and clear. At this time, the wall mirror needs to be maintained and cleaned. Squeeze detergent, soap and vinegar from daily household products onto a clean rag. Then wipe it on the mirror until it is clean and bright with a clean rag. The mirror thus maintained will be brighter and clearer, and it is not easy to fog and hang water. For many mirrors with waterproof, anti-fog and anti-rust functions, you should remember to maintain them after using them for a period of time. This ensures a better use effect. For some wall mirrors with lower quality, some will often come into contact with water, which can cause black spots on the mirror surface. The rust stains will affect the practical effect in the later period. Later cleaning and maintenance should be more diligent so as not to affect the normal practicality of individuals.