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How to Make a Printed Photo Book Part of Your Digital Photoshoots


As a photographer, you likely use a lot of props in your photos. It’s a fun and unique way to show your creative vision to others. The props that you choose to use are entirely up to you. You can create them by hand or source them from the many companies you buy from regularly.

This short guide provides you with inspiration that can enhance your photo shoots through the inclusion of the most personal prop you have access to; a photo book filled with your past work. It’s a creative and affordable way to showcase your talent and vision as a photographer. It’s something that you can do with every new photo book you create, too, offering you endless inspiration.

Using Your Photos as a Prop in the Pictures You Take

You can make a printed photo book part of your digital photoshoots in many ways. Here are a few options for your consideration. You’ll be able to determine which are the best for your brand because of how they tell your story.

Some of the ways for you to use your photos as props are to:

  • Have your subject flip through the pages of the book
  • Display the photo book in a flat lay photo with printed photographs
  • Prop the book up on a piece of furniture you want to feature
  • Add your hand to the photo by laying it on your photo book

We’ll start by explaining the first suggestion on the list and why it could enhance your photoshoot.

Have Your Subject Flip Through the Pages of the Book

You can have your model be the one holding the book and flipping through its pages. The photos inside the book then become another photograph. It can be a creative way to show off your skills.

Display the Photo Book in a Flat Lay Photo with Printed Photographs

Flat lays are very popular, especially on Instagram. You can open up the book to a page that you want to show off. You can then arrange items around the photo that go well with it.

Prop the Book Up on a Piece of Furniture You Want to Feature

If you have a unique piece of furniture that you want to show off, you can place your book on it. A coffee table, end table, or bookshelf is a great place to sit the book down or to prop it up. The photos inside of it can complement the furniture and tell a story.

Add Your Own Hand to the Photo By Laying It on Your Photo Book

Make yourself the subject. Using the tripod, set up your scene. Using your own hands, prop open the photo book or thumb to a page that you want to show off.

The photos that you’ve taken in the past can be the ultimate prop for you to use in your digital photoshoots. They’re a great way to demonstrate your skills as a photographer and create compositions that command attention. People will notice your talents because of your creative perspective.

Show Off Your Photography Skills in a Truly Inventive Way

There are many ways you can make your digital photos for your blogs, and social media accounts stand out. Among the easiest is through the use of props. A book full of your photos can enhance the appearance of the scenery you take as well as give your models something personal and meaningful to pose with regularly.



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