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How to Maximise the Space of a Small Garden


Everyone loves the peace and relaxation associated with a garden. Not only are these slices of nature able to provide a well-deserved breath of fresh air, but they are great ways to enjoy the spring and summer months. However, what if you are dealing with a limited about of space? Are there any ways in which you can maximise the appeal of your garden without sacrificing comfort, style or functionality? There are actually several strategies to consider, so the information found below should be able to offer some much-needed inspiration.

Let There be Light

Natural sunlight will always provide the illusion of space. This is why you should try to limit the number of trees and large shrubs that may be present. Although you can still use larger bushes in order to ensure privacy, it is wise to place these plants in such a manner as to avoid casting long shadows. Also, make it a point to place any existing furniture (such as lawn chairs or a quality plastic garden table) in locations that receive the most light.

We should likewise mention that gardens will often be used well into the evening. Smaller areas can benefit from the addition of smaller lighting fixtures. Many modern units are easy to install and thanks to the use of LED bulbs, they will not consume a great deal of energy. Be sure to check out the different available designs, as it is wise to match their styles with the current ambience of your garden.

All-Inclusive Elements to Take Comfort and Aesthetics to the Next Level

No one wishes to experience a cramped garden. This is why you should always choose specific elements carefully. First, be sure to measure the exact amount of space within your garden as well as locations that will be associated with furniture. Once you have obtained a basic idea of how much room you have, you can then begin the selection process.

In terms of deciding upon the next garden furniture set, it is often a good idea to choose pieces that are lightweight and easy to rearrange from time to time. Materials such as wood, plastic and wicker will all offer this sense of mobility. Other types of furniture can wrap around the periphery of a patio or a deck; an additional way to maximise the amount of available space (especially if you regularly host parties).

If you are looking for reliable plants that will provide a bit of colour while not overwhelming your guests, consider species such as:

  • Purple Emperor Sedum
  • Tulips
  • Hydrangeas
  • Geraniums
  • Kousa dogwood

Of course, feel free to research other types of plants and flowers in order to address your discrete tastes.

We can now see that you have many options when dealing with a limited amount of garden space. Always remember that a bit of innovation can make all of the difference in the world, so never be afraid to experiment.



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