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How to Spend a Weekend in Tallahassee, USA


Tallahassee is one of the terrific cities of the USA. Many traveling agencies offer you the chance to experience the style of the fresh air of Tallahassee. 

If you are planning a vacation trip with family in Florida, Tallahassee may not be the only place that comes in your mind. However, it is one of the top sites which catches your attention. It is easy to travel because it is a low budget spot as compared to other areas of Florida state and has much more to offer. 

There is a lot to see in this city if you are planning to go there for a weekend. You can head to get some history lessons at the Tallahassee Museum of collectibles and automobiles about the vintage cars and roadsters. 

You can bring your family there for a weekend and take them to the state park to enjoy the water land while the Knott museum stands out as a historic destination. 

Following are some of the must-visit spots in Tallahassee: 

Mission San Luis 

It is a national landmark, which is the living history-based museum where people can get to know about the roots of native America and Hispanic Florida. They can experience life the same as it was during that period. 

Mission San Luis constitutes more than 100 mission settlements built-in Spanish Florida during the period of the 1560s to the 1690s. However, this is the only Spanish mission reconstructed in the state and made open for the public. The first immigrants from Europe were the Spaniards in this area who established this mission at the request made by the Indians. 

Tallahassee Museum 

Visiting the Tallahassee is a must thing to do if you are on a weekend trip with your kids. The place can be a fantastic surprise for you. This museum is a family-based place built on a land of 52 acres surrounded by National Forest. 

Tallahassee museum aims to teach visitors regarding the cultural heritage and natural environment of Northern, Florida. For this, it offers a programming platform for everyone, and, unlike other museums, it is quite interactive. 

Ball Wakulla Edward Springs State Park 

At Ball Wakulla Edward Spring State Park, the freshwater is very clear in few parts that you can actually see around 100 feet below it. In the dry region, you can find a lot of wild turkeys, American alligators, and white deer, calling the park as their home. 

There are plenty of things to see, experience and do there. This wildlife sanctuary is extended to the land of 6000 acres, as it can be seen from the three natural trails while exploring the other jungle waterways. 

It is recommended to take a boat tour, but it is vital to keep in mind that the water flow runs periodically only as the particular water conditions and weather are required. Moreover, visitors bring their bug sprays and bath suits as they visit the park. The ticks are very common to be seen in the nature trail while the swimming can be done in water too, despite its chilly-ness. 

Knott House Museum 

One of the best historical destinations in Tallahassee for a weekend trip is Knott Museum. Brigadier Edwards went through the Emancipation Proclamation while sitting on his home’s steps on 20th May 1865 (his home also served as temporary headquarters for Union Army). The date marked the freedom of the slaves of Florida Panhandle, the most important day of history. 

The ownership of home passed to Florida’s Supreme Court from state physicians eventually and later turned into the House Museum. During your visit to the place, you will get to know all regarding the importance of this home during the Civil War and Panhandle. 

Mission San Luis de Apalachee 

A historic landmark of the state. You can have a self-guided visit here, exploring the house of the tribal council, residential areas made in the 17th century for Apalachee Indians, and Spanish settlers. Also, don’t forget to catch the opportunity of viewing over 300 artifacts that were excavated from this site. 

According to a recent review, visiting San Luis feels the same as taking a step backward in history. Also, it is recommended to visit the place on weekends as you can go for the facilities of the ranger-led tours as mission staff is friendly and knowledgeable. For those people who belong to the areas out of the USA and want a casual weekend out, the new ESTA platforms can be very helpful.  

The booking of the tickets and using their visa program to travel to the various enchanting places in the USA by the ESTA has become easier than ever. Those who want to acquire this opportunity can visit the official website and check out the ESTA questions list for any queries. 



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