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Making A Vlog; Essentials You Need To Know in 2020


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Making A Vlog: Essentials You Need To Know in 2020

The trend and obsession of Vlogging have spread all over the world in the past few years. Be it common people or celebrities of the highest stature, Vlogging has caught everyone’s eye and made almost all its fond. No one should deny that Vlogs are the content of the instant. But as simple as it may seem, Vlogs are pretty intricate to create.

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There’s a whole lot of struggle included in having the desired results. It is ridiculous that some people still take Vlogging as a dull and drab monotonous job with a camera in front of their faces and making videos. It’s saddening to break the myth for them that they have been misinformed or they misinterpreted the whole procedure. The reality is far from this misbelief and Vlogging requires stern efforts and well-designed strategy.

A successful Vlog is much more than just recording and uploading it. In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies and tactics on how to be a Vlogger in the present time and how to convince the audience to watch your content.

Following Your Passion

The first thing you need is to find the passion in your work, to find success in this field. Being expressive and telling the world what you feel and what to love is the key to success. Creating videos just for the sake of the audience to get some views is just not the deal, you have to create content about the things that you love and you’re halfway through. You won’t accumulate success if you do not like to make videos and force this upon you. The hunger to reconnoiter your beloved niche requires you to be creative rather than just be conventional. Hence, the first and foremost endeavor is to discover and follow your passion.

Investing In Proper Equipment

The use of appropriate equipment will make sure that you shoot a good quality video. The myth that to make the standard videos you have to spend thousands of dollars on buying the equipment is nothing but a misconception. Vloggers almost share the same type of equipment but the real difference arises in how they use that thing to their good. Some YouTube Vloggers still use Mobile phone cameras to shoot their videos and still they make the most of it while some despite using expensive gear do not get desired results.

Vlogging gear does not only comprises of the Vlogging camera, but there’s also more to it such as Microphone to record good quality sound, a tripod stand which will be used to fix the camera so that it does not quiver while making videos, better lighting and much more. The arsenal of Vlogging is quite diverse.

Understanding Your Audience

Vlogging, on YouTube especially, is in itself a business. You need to have the prudence of the fact that what sorts of the audience will your content target. Most of the successful Vloggers are smart people who satisfy their audience’s needs. Your niche will be the focal point of your channel, so you need to be very careful and vigilant about what type of videos your channel will publish. Once you have chosen a niche or a topic on which Vlog would be based upon, the next step is about knowing your audience and what they will like.

Your content will decide what type of audience is attracted to your Vlogs. For example, if you want to make fun and flouncy style videos like beauty bloggers do than only people fitting the mood of the videos would be your audience primarily.  Some of the finest examples of beauty Vloggers as “Nikkei tutorials, RCL Beauty”, who have caught the audience’s eye by reviewing beauty products and creating makeup tutorials, making it easy for their viewers to do makeup at home.

These are just some of the cases in point of making content and then gaining viewership on a particular niche. Reality is your videos can be on any topic in the world, it just has to be exciting and scintillating to interest people.

Getting Inspiration

The people that have already made their mark in the field are the ones you shall look up to and get due inspiration. The positive outcome of this exercise would be that you would somewhat get the savoir-faire of how things work out and what to do and what not to do.

One shining example of a brilliantly orchestrated Vlogger is “Pew Die Pie”, mainly a gaming Vlogger who attained tons of appreciation and un-paralleled feat. Few other established Vloggers have made their names in this particular field such as “Jake Paul, Logan Paul” etc.

It is said that your rivals teach you the best; similarly, you can learn a lot by analyzing closely the content of famous Vloggers i.e. how do they start their videos, how long their videos run, what type of music they use, how do they edit videos and how often they post their content and so forth. A pertinent point here to keep in mind is that getting inspiration does not mean that you shall copy their style but bringing uniqueness and novelty while getting inspired is the real deal.


Editing is the most care demanding and important part of making Vlogs. It is the time when all the shooting is done and now you have to brainstorm about what to cut out and what to keep. There are many soft wares for editing videos for Mac, Windows, IOS, etc. such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Quite a lot are available without any charges too.

If you are not well acquainted with video editing, you can always hire freelancers for this work as plenty of contractors would be available at reasonable prices. The essence of this is that your video should always be edited in a way that catches the attention of the viewer and he enjoys spending time on it.

Ending Your Vlog:-

User engagement holds the key to improving your ranking and putting it at the top. The video ending should be unique and distinct. Another germane thing here to remember is that you should change the background in your videos intermittently. To keep the audience indulged in your video till the end, you may tell them to wait for a surprise element at the start of the video. As a whole, your determination, diligence, and diversity of ideas are what matters the most in making you a successful Vlogger.



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