Photography Trends You Should Know About

If you’re hoping to create some popular photography or get ahead of the game, you should pay attention to the latest trends and themes. Being aware of the latest photography trends can help you to create work that you know your audience will love, helping to increase your success and practice your skills.

Photography trends can help you to better understand your work and what direction to move in next. With that in mind, ClickASnap offer some insights.


The world as a whole seems to be campaigning for more inclusivity and diversity, and this has stormed the headlines for some time now. Together with the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s clear that inclusivity is a hugely important aspect of photography in 2021 and beyond.

We live in a world surrounded by different ethnicities, religions, beliefs, genders and body types, and it’s so important to showcase this. From commercial photography to simply choosing your subjects for your photography projects, consider diversity in your work. This is a great example of a trend that is quickly becoming a permanent fixture within our reality, and it’s worth bearing in mind.

Artistic documentary

The last 12 months have shown us that the world truly can stand still, with the ongoing pandemic stopping everyone in their tracks. From this, documenting the world through photography has become even more fascinating, with a whole new landscape to capture. Artistic documentary has become a way of photographers being able to capture what is happening around the world, but with an artistic flair.

This kind of photography can give a sensation of living in an important part of history, adding significance but with beauty in it too. Film effects and filters can also enhance documentary-style shots to drive this theme home even more.

Drone photography

Drones have been increasingly used to help capture a bird’s eye view, which has proven very popular with audiences. It can give photographers a new way to get creative and show their skills, bringing together art with technology.

The most important thing to remember when using drones is the rules and regulations in where and how to fly them. You should also get some practice in to handle the drone before you offer this type of photography service to anyone!


Social media has driven a huge trend in recent months of exposing false imagery, which has also filtered through a variety of sectors and industries. Consumers want genuine brands with authentic offerings, just as much as they want to see real people on their Instagram feed.

This has driven a trend for authentic photography, with relatable images that aren’t over-glamourised. Less touching up and less image manipulation is key here in post-production, as well as a rise in candid photography to avoid anything overly staged.

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