Retrofit Edmonton Windows Problems

In this piece, we will take you through a journey of the leaks resulting from poor installation of retrofit Edmonton windows. Typically, retrofit windows have issues if the installation is not done by a professional window installer or a dyer not experienced in handling DIY window installations.

When you see these problems after the installation of the retrofit window, don’t assume that the problems are inherent to the windows’ quality. In most cases, it is in the quality of window installation. However, we are not downplaying the issues that can emanate from the Edmonton windows themselves. If that happens, it should be covered by the window warranty. However, the problems we are going to cover here have nothing to do with the window warranty. Take a gander.

1. You Get What You Pay For

The amount of money you pay is directly proportional to the quality of the window installation you get. Any savvy homeowner should be aware of this before choosing someone to do the work for him.

Often, you come across those pitches promising to install the Edmonton windows for you at a ridiculously low price and within a very short time. This is quite done often for retrofit windows, and may homeowners fall for it. In some given circumstances, agreeing for these people to do the work for you can be the reckless mistakes you can make in your project as a homeowner.

However, we are not saying they always give poor results, but the windows are prone to issues. Before you choose to install retrofit windows, there are some aspects you should consider.

2. High Sales For Retrofit Windows Is All Salesmen Want

Contractors will always purse you to get these Edmonton windows. There are various reasons for that; first, they are effortless to install, save time, and don’t require contractors to have a permit. On paper, everything seems fine for you. After all, you are saving money. But don’t forget that on the other hand contractors are also saving money but at your future expenses.

In the end, everyone will walk away satisfied and happy, right? Well, kind of, but not really. The key issue to using these windows Edmonton is the accumulation of moisture. And who will be affected? Your guess is as right as mine.

3. You Won’t Breathe

The way retrofit Edmonton windows are assembled is muffling. These windows don’t allow for smooth airflow. For instance, take normal windows-they come with flashing paper over the nailed fins on the sides and the top of the window and as well as the bottom. The paper plays a similar role as shingles on a roof, diverting water away and hence preventing it from accumulating behind the frame of the window.

In this case, there is a primary drainage route for water to escape in the normal windows, which is not often the case in retrofit windows Edmonton. In retrofit windows, during the installation, these gaps are covered with a trim that traps moisture.

4. Trapping Water

While it is true the trim prevents water from accumulating behind the window; it does close the exit of the water that comes along the painted exterior of the wall. The trapped water or moisture will look for any imperfection in the flashing paper as it accumulates, and with time, gravity will take control in pushing it down into the nearly created space between the old original window nailing fin and the retrofit window trim.

Once the water doesn’t have a route to escape, it is pushed below the paper over the nailing fin and finally gets into your house. This occurs quite often, and we have seen it in most homes with retrofit Edmonton windows.

5. Location Is Essential!

For your new Northtech Windows and Doors to be effective, their placement is key. Before installation, make sure the walls around the windows is always dry. The best way to make sure that your retrofit windows work is by placing them on the walls with a roof overhang. This is to ensure that the water doesn’t wet the wall and finally reach the vulnerable windows.

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