Solar Panel & Roofing: Have You Heard About Solar Shingles?

Did you know that your roof may earn you money? Sounds attractive yet unrealistic. However, solar panel companies prove that it can be a realistic assumption. How? Thanks to solar energy! The sun’s energy is a renewable resource delivering financial, environmental, and household benefits. The equipment generating solar power called the solar panel system is mounted on the roof. That makes the quality and durability of the roof one of the most important aspects to consider prior to solar panel installation. Indeed, many homeowners have the problem of maintaining and signifying the state of the roof, which complicates the installation process. Solar companies like LA Solar Group have a mindset of developing in the industry day by day. As a result of such a mindset, they saw the need to lessen consumer burdens with regard to roofing after solar panel installation and maintenance. Considering how innovative the solar industry is, these companies moved one step forward and combined roofing with solar power in a piece of equipment – solar shingles.

What Are Solar Shingles?

Half a panel, half a roofing material – shortly about solar shingles. At their surface, they are photovoltaic (PV) panels mimicking the appearance of other roofing materials like asphalt, slate, etc., coupled with their functioning. At their core, they are PV modules aimed at electricity generation. Notice what a crazy mixture this piece of equipment is. If you are into tech, then let me tell you that BIVP or building-integrated photovoltaics is what professionals call it. Being composed of thin-film solar cells (TFSC), solar shingles incorporate the highest possible conversion efficiency rate. No solar equipment delivers 12 percent of energy conversion efficiency except for the solar roof tiles. As an alternative to TFSC, brands go for monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si). The main reason behind this is a boost in efficiency, which is 20 percent with mono-Si. Considering how prioritized solar roof tiles are, it is crucial to let you know that they may operate well for 30 years and beyond. What’s luring about these is their size, which is smaller than the size of PV panels. The small size of PV shingles also makes them weigh less, which is an advantage from the viewpoint of roof functionality – protecting the home from outer dangers for as long as possible.

Why Invest In Solar Shingles?

The number one reason to go for PV roof shingles is the considerable surge that they bring with them. At least a $15,000 rise in the value of your home is guaranteed. To tell the truth, it’s no surprise that home value gets upgraded to this extent. Let’s look at photovoltaic shingles with the eye of a person who is looking for a home. If I imagine myself in the place of that person, as long as I see a home with shiny, modern, and innovative roof shingles, I am willing to pay more to buy it even without knowing about the benefits that come along with my purchase.

One of the benefits that should be considered when going for PV shingles is the opportunity to save. As a piece of equipment combining solar power and roofing material in it altogether, it automatically costs you less. The thing is that you pay for roofing material, labor, and energy capacity at once without separate or additional payment amounts.

Another great benefit of solar shingles is their flexibility. Could you ever imagine that in case of deciding to move from one area to another, you can literally move your roof, too? Well, it is a possibility with solar roof shingles. Whenever you decide to move your home, you are able to remove them and reinstall them. What can be better than maintaining a modern, innovative, efficient, and savvy roof anywhere?

Final Note

Among multiple roofing types, solar shingles provide convenience, efficiency, longevity, innovation, roofing, and solar power at once. Thanks to its multifunctionality of combining the sun’s energy and mimic roofing shingles like asphalt or slate, PV shingles are prioritized suitable for homeowners. Besides, let’s not forget that living a sustainable lifestyle is never a minus. With photovoltaic shingle roofing, you integrate yourself as a responsible homeowner into the fortune of the world. As long as renewables like solar energy are put into use, the world has nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, if excluding the environmental part, solar shingles are beyond worthy of purchasing for financial and household benefits.

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