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The Meaning Behind Various Gemstones


For centuries, men and women have turned to gemstones to provide them with a sense of protection and power. They used the stones to get a feeling of assurance and certainty. With the world remaining so tumultuous today, countless individuals are looking for things to comfort them, and these stones are increasing in popularity as a result. The choice of gemstone plays a role in how the person feels when carrying it.

Gemstones have meanings, yet many people remain unaware of this. Depending on the stone, it may be seen as a sign of wealth, beauty, or power. The stone may have been passed down through the generations, or it could be nothing more than a fashion statement. People feel that the right mix of gemstones can help them face whatever life throws at them.

Regardless of why a person chooses a particular stone, they appreciate the beauty of the piece. In addition, people feel gorgeous gemstones make them look better, and the stones also deliver a message when they are worn.

For example, a diamond ring on a woman’s left ring finger is typically seen as a sign that she is married. What messages do other gemstones send? This is something you need to know when you are looking at gemstones in your jewelry.


The queen of all gems, the diamond remains a favorite of people around the globe. People give this stone as a gift when they wish to let the recipient know how precious they are to them. Many people don’t realize why most engagement rings contain a diamond, but now they recognize the symbolism of this gift. Furthermore, the diamond symbolizes transformation.

Diamonds form deep in the planet’s core and require extreme heat and pressure to transform into these desirable stones. This helps to explain why people see the gem as a symbol of transformation. Furthermore, diamonds are pure, and people believe the diamond represents their desire to find purity in their own lives.


When one thinks of gemstones associated with royalty, sapphires likely come to mind. At one time, people believed sapphires are what gave the sky its incredible blue hue and that these gems supported the earth. People today equate sapphires with calmness and tranquility. Rulers need these qualities during difficult times. Furthermore, they feel sapphires come with the ability to heal, also of importance to rulers during times of loss. These gems are seen to possess wisdom and virtue, two characteristics members of the royal family need as well.

Many men and women don’t know that at one time people believed Moses wrote the Ten Commandments on a sapphire stone. According to this tale, he did so to ensure they were preserved. As a result, a person might feel the sapphire comes with holy properties.


At one time, any red stone was deemed to be a ruby. Today, people distinguish between this gem and the garnet. People who know of the story of Persephone and Hades are likely familiar with garnets. When Persephone was taken to the underworld, she ate pomegranate seeds. Each seed she consumed left her more indebted to Hades. This led to a promise to stay by his side forever. In medieval times, people associated the garnet with these pomegranate seeds. Therefore, they viewed the gem as a representation of love and eternity. Many people today say a garnet becomes of help to those suffering from depression, as the gemstone can restore the heart.


Countless individuals view the emerald as a symbol of successful love. They say this stone signifies integrity and loyalty. The life-affirming stone has little value until it is polished. However, once this step has been taken, consumers find they pay a high price to own this gem. The brilliant green seen with these stones comes from nature. It reminds people of the forest during times of growth. Many men and women believe the emerald allows them to tap their clairvoyant abilities while helping them gather wisdom.

Emeralds are considered the gemstone of friendship and love. They help to maintain balance within a partnership. People love these gems as they feel the stones provide them with the recovery and regeneration they need. However, many people purchase emeralds simply because they love the lush green color these gems are known for.


Rubies are seen as symbols of love and passion. People also equate them with power and vitality. For this reason, many leaders carry a ruby with them at all times. Those who want to become a leader may also wish to invest in ruby jewelry to help them achieve this goal. The stone guides them during difficult times and helps them fulfill their dreams. People looking to change the world often keep a ruby with them for this reason. When a person has a ruby, they are more likely to listen to their heart and learn more about how they can improve themselves.


Turquoise serves as another gem commonly seen in jewelry. One of the oldest gemstones today, the stone has been used by humans for thousands of years. People believe it aids in communication. Not only does it stimulate speech, but it also improves articulation. Wearers of turquoise find they have more confidence and the stone helps them discover the truth. Apache Indians often wore turquoise jewelry into battle because they believed it protected them and helped improve their accuracy. A crack in the stone, according to Native Americans, meant the stone had done its job and protected the wearer.

These are only a few of the many gemstones one may find in jewelry today. Men and women should wear whichever stones they like. However, it’s helpful to know the meaning behind the stones. If someone comments on the piece, they will have a better understanding of where that person is coming from and why they have the reaction they do. Although this shouldn’t stop someone from wearing a piece they love, it does help them soothe any tension that could develop. On the other hand, they may better grasp why someone has a positive response to the piece. Knowing the meaning of the stone provides them with the insight they might otherwise not have.



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