Things to consider before moving during the pandemic

Without a shadow of a doubt, the novel coronavirus has changed the world and our everyday life. And while social distancing is the action to take till told otherwise, moves are not always something that can be postponed. How does moving during pandemic work? Are moving services still available?

In this article we will outline some of the questions about moving during the pandemic in an effort to help the process be as worry- and stress-free as possible.

Is Moving Essential?

For a majority of tenants, a moving date is not flexible. If your tenancy is coming to an end or if you previously sold property with an upcoming closing date, it is of great importance that you have access to services that let you relocate. As moving is considered essential, moving and cleaning service providers are currently operating.

If you can be flexible in your moving date, it is a good idea to wait, especially if you happen to be in a high-risk group. If you do not have flexibility, but you are concerned about exposure, an alternative is to move with your own vehicle on the condition you will be able to carry all of your personal stuff and do the end of tenancy cleaning on your own.

Are Moving Services Still Available?

At this point, yes. There are no notable shutdowns of services among leading moving and cleaning companies. With that in mind, decisions about any closures may be left to individual business contractors. If you already have a date for your moving and have not heard anything about closures, assume that your contractor is still delivering services unless told otherwise. Anyway, you may still have to call the company to confirm.

If you are feeling worried about moving house during the pandemic for a move that is coming near and for which you have not booked a service, it cannot be said what will or will not be available in the next weeks to come. For now, it is advisable to do a research on fast end of tenancy cleaning and moving companies and ask about the steps being taken.

What About Storage Services?

Same as moving agencies, big storage agencies continue to run operations. What you have to keep in mind is that some companies may have limited hours of accessibility and/or reduction in the number of clients they can assist. Storage companies, of course, should also follow proper hygiene practices such as social distance and frequent sanitisation.

Should I Move During the Pandemic?

Sometimes moving house cannot be avoided. However, if you can be flexible in your moving date, you are better off postponing it till social distancing measures have been lifted. If you cannot be flexible, what you can do is to work closely with your moving and cleaning service provider to learn more about the measures in order to ensure the safest move possible.

Health and safety have always been and will be a major priority. If you happen to be in a high-risk group, including those with pre-existing conditions and diseases such as asthma and diabetes or those who are over the age of 60, consider putting off your moving out if possible or finding another alternative such as using your own vehicle or doing the end of tenancy cleaning on your own.

Will Someone Come into My Home to Provide a Quote?

Moving and cleaning companies are now offering virtual surveys to provide you with a price estimate.

I Have an Upcoming Move, Is It Still Happening?

If you are about to move out of your rental unit, make sure it is still happening unless you have found out otherwise from your contractor. You may still have to call the company to confirm your cleaning or moving appointment. Establish contact with your provider as soon as possible to verify the status of your booking. Make sure you are familiar with what precautions will be taken.

What Should I Do If I’m Not Feeling Well?

The very first thing you must do is notify your moving and/or cleaning company. It is of great importance that your provider knows about any potential risks so that they can take precautions and adjust the social distancing measures and sanitisation.

Your health and that of the workers are the top priority. Transparency is crucial for keeping everyone safe. Let them know if you are in isolation due to exposure, since the same steps might be taken.

Do not forget to wear gloves and a mask while packing your belongings, and sanitise all those items your cleaners or movers will be touching directly.

What if I’m Moving by Myself?

The process of moving by yourself looks pretty much the same as it did before the pandemic except for the ability to have a few friends come over and give you a hand. Some extra things you will want to take care of include providing a hand sanitiser, soap, and paper towels.

If you rent, make sure to talk to your landlord about how you can safely drop off the keys and obtain your check-out deposit. You should also talk to your new landlord about the process for a safe move in.

Please, stay safe during your move.

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