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Top 10 Christmas Activities for Students

Winter break is by far the long-awaited holiday of the year for most students. They get to have a substantial break away from the stressful tests and papers of finals week. They also get to do their favorite and memorable

Christmas activities with family members and friends. To help them get into the Christmas spirit and cheer, here’s a list of 10 Christmas activities for teenage students, college students and adults that will create new memories with family and friends.

  1. Watch Christmas classics

Spending an afternoon or evening watching Christmas movies with loved ones is one of the most relaxing Christmas activities for college students and teenage students. Organize a movie marathon and let everyone get cozy watching them.

  1. Make a gingerbread house

Have the student gather all their friends and all the gingerbread deck they can get their hands on. Let them work in teams and see who makes the most colorful gingerbread house. There’s something so refreshing about coming together and making a delicious treat.

  1. Go ice-skating

Ice skating is a relaxing outdoor activity for the winter. It is one of the best Christmas activities adults can enjoy with their kids. They may not be pros at it, but as they get better they can get pro stock sticks and try playing some hockey, or start learning spins like Olympic figure skaters. Even for first time skaters, it is a great way to make new memories.

  1. Decorate Christmas tree

This is a fun activity that gets the family together. The students can pick out their favorite lights, ornaments and blast some Christmas tunes as they enjoy this fun moment with their family.

  1. 5Doing a secret Santa

Picking out names and surprising friends, family and colleagues are fun Christmas activities at work and home. This brings togetherness and the holiday spirit in us.

  1. Listen to Christmas music

Students can now listen to their favorite Christmas music on Radio all day. Students should create some time to enjoy the holiday by sourcing professional assignment help from expert writers and jam out in the car, in the house or their rooms to the good tunes. Nothing better than relying on expert writing help for your work assignments, after all.

  1. Throwing a Christmas party

Whether it is having the weird party themes or karaoke, a good party brings out the Christmas cheer in everyone. Students will feel the joy of being surrounded by loved ones during the holiday season.

  1. Neighborhood drive

This is a favorite activity for everyone. Students get to enjoy a ride with their loved ones around the neighborhood and admire the ingenuity of people that go all out with Christmas decorations.

  1. Visit Christmas shops

This is a fun place teenage and college student go to find Christmas regalia, decorations, and gifts. Find the ones nearest to you and make some beautiful Christmas memories.

  1. Donate

In this time of great joy, it is important to remember those who have little. Buy something for a toy drive, prepare meals for the homeless, or give to charity. Donating a Merry Xmas will brighten your Christmas and someone else’s too. Sharing is caring!


All these Christmas activities are inexpensive. It just takes a little creativity and time to make them happen. They foster togetherness, joy, and happiness with family and friends.

The Christmas activities will also get the students in the Christmas spirit. It is time to get out of your traditional Christmas rituals and try out new activities that will create new memories with your family and friends. Plan to make the most of your time with your loved ones this Christmas.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Skinner is a university topper who is currently working as a student counselor and a career coach to help them cope with the challenges of college life. Her counseling methods are based on a 360-degree feedback model that involves the parents, teachers and friends of the student for the better resolution of the issues.