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What are the Interesting Activities to indulge in when traveling to Egypt?


If you are wondering what to do in Egypt without trying the mainstream activities, here we have plenty of options. By choosing from it, you can spend fun-filled days in Egypt. There are a lot of options to explore and enjoy but you have to know that you opt for the right one. From visiting the places of historical importance, knowing about the Egyptian culture, there are varied options to choose from. You shall select and book any one from various Egypt travel packages for a trip worth remembering. To have some of the fascinating experiences when traveling to Egypt, the following information shall be of immense help.

River cruise on Nile River

The Egypt Nile Cruises are famous for indulging in when traveling to Egypt. Nothing can be more beautiful than traveling over the Nile and spending a great time on the cruise with your partner. In this, you get the option to witness the ancient beauties of Aswan and Luxor. When planning to indulge for a day-long cruise ride, you can have a splendid perspective of the famous location of the two cities that is sure to sparkle greatly at night. There are options for luxury cruises that offer both traditional and inexpensive cruising service and you can choose the one that suits your budget the best.

Heracleion – Explore Lost City 

Have you ever thought about diving under the sea waters to explore the remnants of a lost city? An example of legend, it is possible to witness in Heracleion that has become a place for the traveler’s visit. Here, you can find ancient texts and rare inscriptions and these are good evidence to know that the city is hidden from the wonderful gems it has in store. Submerged deep below the seawater, one can get instances of life at the bottom of Abu Qir Bay in Egypt.

Scuba diving at Hurghada 

It is often known that the sea coast in Egypt is known for the famous town of Hurghada that has plenty of options of fun activities to get indulged in. The amazing landscape accompanied by coral reefs, clear water, and the shore makes the place perfect for scuba diving. It is also known for snorkeling and it is among the many other activities that one can indulge in Egypt.

Islamic Cairo – Place for shopaholics

Looking for leather, perfumes, and quality jewels in Egypt? Well, Islamic Cairo is the suitable one that has plenty of options to offer to the tourists. Amidst the land of beautiful mosques, this shopping center is considered to be among the world’s best options. Jewelries, bags, spices, showpieces and many more options are available in this shopping area where your bargaining skills can help you make it easy on your pockets. So, for a worthy purchase of the item you like, do not miss visiting this shopping area.

Giza – place for a camel ride

Are you planning for a camel ride in the sunset? Giza is the place that should top the list of every visitor. Opting for a camel ride during the sunset is worthy to treasure for your lifetime.



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