As we are aware that Command Prompt or CMD is one of the most powerful tool in windows. In this article we are going to share the top best CMD commands used in hacking.

We always feel the CMD commands very boring or feel why do we have to use these commands, but if you know someone who use CMD commands they will be able to explain you there is a lot to get excited with cool hacks and tricks.

To make command prompt feel or experience better we are going to list out some CMD commands useful for hacking.

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Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking  ?

#1 Ping 

This command will help you to find our if the host that you are pinging is alive and the time taken to reach the address your are pinging. { For Example ping google.com }.

#2 nslookup

This command will help us to obtain the domain name or IP address pointing to the the DNS records. {For Example nslookup www.google.com}

#3 tracert

This command will trace the route than an IP Packed has taken to reach the destination.{For Example tracert www.google.com}

#4 Command Prompt Function Keys
  • F1 – Pastes the last executed command (character by character)
  • F2 – Pastes the last executed command (up to the entered character)
  • F3 – Pastes the last executed command
  • F4 – Deletes current prompt text up to the entered character
  • F5 – Pastes recently executed commands (does not cycle)
  • F6 – Pastes ^Z to the prompt
  • F7 – Displays a delectable list of previously executed commands
  • F8 – Pastes recently executed commands (cycles)
  • F9 – Asks for the number of the command from the F7 list to paste
#5 Ctrl-C

You can abort any command running on the command prompt using the Ctrl-C.

#6 doskey /history

This command will be useful to track down your command history or command that you have used in the past in CMD.

#7 &&

If you want to run 2 command like one after the other then you just have to put “&&” between each command .{For Example ipconfig && calc}

#8 driverquery

When you run this command on CMD it will list our all the drivers installed on your computer.

#9 sfc/scannow

Just run the command sfc/scannow to initiate a full Scanning and Repair on your system.

#10 Shutdown

You can Shutdown, Restart or Logoff from the command prompt. Type the following command.

For Shutdown: shutdown -s

For Restarting: shutdown -r

For Logoff: shutdown -l

Just try the command and find the tricks you may love it.



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