How do I install shutter screenshot tool to make screenshots on a Fedora Linux 29 workstations?

Introduction – Shutter is an open-source and free Linux screenshot program screenshot tool for Linux. One can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website. It is possible to apply different effects to screenshot. This page shows how to install shutter on a Fedora Linux.

Install Shutter screenshot tool on a Fedora Linux

The procedure to install the shutter application is as follows on Fedora Linux 29:

  1. Open the terminal Window application
  2. Run sudo dnf install shutter to install it on Fedora Linux
  3. To upgrade shutter on Fedora Linux, run: sudo dnf upgrade shutter
  4. Start using the app from the CLI or GUI as per your needs

Let us see all commands in details.

How to find out information about Shutter package on Fedora

Run the following dnf command to search for given package name:
$ yum search shutter

======================== Name Exactly Matched: shutter =========================
shutter.noarch : GTK+2-based screenshot application written in Perl
shutter.noarch : GTK+2-based screenshot application written in Perl

Get more information on shutter, run:
$ yum info shutter

Last metadata expiration check: 22:11:56 ago on Wed 09 Jan 2019 01:17:38 AM IST.
Installed Packages
Name         : shutter
Version      : 0.93.1
Release      : 11.fc29
Arch         : noarch
Size         : 16 M
Source       : shutter-0.93.1-11.fc29.src.rpm
Repo         : @System
From repo    : fedora
Summary      : GTK+2-based screenshot application written in Perl
URL          : http://shutter-project.org
License      : GPLv3+
Description  : Shutter is a GTK+ 2.x based screenshot application written in
             : Perl. Shutter covers all features of common command line tools
             : like scrot or import and adds reasonable new features combined
             : with a comfortable GUI using the GTK+ 2.x framework.

Installing Shutter screenshot tool on a Fedora Linux

Now we know that Shutter is available in Fedora Linux’s official repository, so install it with the following dnf command:
$ sudo dnf install shutter
Fedora install Shutter screenshot tool using dnf command

How to start using the shutter app

Hit the Super key and start typing the name of an application such as the shutter. Click the application’s icon to start it:
How to start the shutter application
Another option is to type the following command:
Let us start shutter applications and takes a full-screen screenshot of desktop directly:
shutter --full
One can start shutter applications in window selection mode to capture specific window:
shutter --window
Another option is to start shutter applications in selection mode so that you can capture specific part of the screen on Fedora Linux:
shutter --selection

Shutter application running on my Fedora Linux workstation
Shutter in action


To see detail information about all other available options, run:
shutter --help
OR use the following man command:
man shutter
I found Shutter application very useful. It is an open-source program and free too. For more information see the following resources:

  • Shutter project home page here and repo here

Posted by: Vivek Gite

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