A New Way To Drag And Drop On A Mac


iPhones have accessories. Macs have accessories. Why not have an accessory based on a time honored Mac feature? Some of what we do on our Macs are so ingrained that we could perform some tasks while blind folded.

Well, maybe not quite, but who bothers to think about Command-C to copy? Or, Command-W to close a window? Or, Command-Q to quit an app? Do we give thought to the simple act of drag and drop? Nope. We just move the onscreen pointer, click, drag, and drop. It’s easy. Until something goes wrong. Here’s a look at an accessory for drag and drop.

Drag, Drop, Repeat

In fact, other than point and click, what is easier to accomplish on a Mac than the standard drag and drop (an action repeated many times a day)? But what happens when we click a file and drag it, only to realize we don’t have a place to drop it?

Say what? Why drag if there’s no place to drop? It happens, especially in the Finder, and many Mac users don’t know they can grab a file, drag it, and still navigate through the Finder’s file hierarchy with the onscreen pointer (often called the mouse).

Well, it’s time to let go of the 20th century. Simple drag and drop is so 1999. you know? Get with the 21st century with Dropshelf, the little Mac app that puts a shelf in the middle of drag and drop.

Grab a file, text, a URL, an image, a photo, or whatever, and drag it to the edge of the Mac’s screen.


A little shelf pops out so you can rest the dragged (or, is it drugged? English is my second language) object, then navigate to where you want to drop it, then drag it off the shelf and drop it where you want it to go.

Sweet, right? It changes your workflow, and lets you more easily move into fullscreen apps, but it’s the perfect accessory. To be brutally honest, Dropshelf is not an app you need, but it is useful, and doesn’t take much to learn to use. Click on an object– photos, files, text, whatever– and drag to the edge of the screen and drop it on the pop out Dropshelf shelf.

Then, when you need the object again, drag it straight from the shelf into whatever app or folder you want.

DropShelf for Mac

This can be a very handy utility for anyone with a MacBook with limited screen real estate and where using fullscreen mode can make it a bit troublesome to move files around on the trackpad.

But it’s just as useful to Macs with larger screens or multiple screens, especially those of us who split the Mac’s screen to hold multiple pages, and one of them is not the Finder. Drag and drop to the Dropshelf shelf. Then drag and drop whatever you dragged to wherever you need the file to be dragged to, on whatever screen you need it.

This is simple and elegant, very useful when screen real estate is limited, but especially so in fullscreen mode.


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