How to access Apple News in any country


Trying to access Apple News outside of the US, UK, or Australia? Read on for how to access Apple News in any country.

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Here’s how Apple describes its News app:

Apple News provides the best coverage of current events, curated by editors and personalized for you. Dive into your favorite topics or discover new ones. And stay up to date with rich videos, breaking news notifications, and subscriptions to some of your favorite publications.

Apple News is officially only available in the US, UK, and Australia on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, it’s worth giving a shot to this settings tweak to potentially open up the app if you’re in another country.

How to access Apple News in any country

On iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings on iPhone or iPad
  2. Swipe down if needed and tap General
  3. Choose Language & Region
  4. Choose United States, United Kingdom, or Australia
  5. Tap Done in the top right corner
  6. You can try to download the Apple News app here if it doesn’t automatically show up

Here’s how the process looks:

Apple News any country

On Mac

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Language & Region
  3. Click Region and choose United States, United Kingdom, or Australia
  4. Search your Mac to try and open Apple News (command + spacebar) or head to Finder → Applications

Here’s how this looks on Mac:

Apple News any country

Apple News any country

If changing region settings on your Apple devices didn’t do the trick, you can keep an eye on Apple’s availability page here to see when Apple News officially arrives for other countries.

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