Has the battery on your 13-inch non Touch Bar MacBook Pro expanded? Read on for how to check if your MacBook Pro is eligible for a free battery replacement.

Apple has a service program to replace the battery free of charge on certain 2016 and 2017 13-inch non Touch Bar MacBook Pro models. Affected notebooks will experience an expanded battery, but Apple says the failure doesn’t create a safety risk.

This is not a safety issue and Apple will replace eligible batteries, free of charge. Affected units were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 and eligibility is determined by the product serial number.

If you’ve already paid for a battery replacement on an affected and eligible MacBook Pro, it’s possible to get a refund by contacting Apple Support.

How to check if your MacBook Pro is eligible for a free battery replacement

  1. Double check the model or your 13-inch MacBook Pro ( → About this Mac)
  2. Confirm it is a 2016 or 2017 non Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pro
  3. Enter the serial number from the About this Mac page into Apple’s eligibility checker here
  4. If MacBook is eligible, get in touch with Apple Support

More information on Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program:

Note: If your 13-inch MacBook Pro has any damage which impairs the replacement of the battery, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair.

Additional Information

This worldwide Apple program doesn’t extend the standard warranty coverage of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The program covers affected MacBook Pro models for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit.


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