How to replace your Apple Pencil tip


Just like a standard pencil, the Apple Pencil tip will need to be replaced every so often. Especially if you use your Apple Pencil on a regular basis. Follow along to learn how to replace your Apple Pencil tip.

How to replace your Apple Pencil tip

  1. Take your Apple Pencil, and twist the Apple Pencil tip counter-clockwise.
  2. After a few twists, the tip should come off completely, exposing the golden pins underneath.
  3. Take your new Apple Pencil tip and twist it clockwise into your current Apple Pencil. Don’t overtighten but make sure the tip is secured firmly.
  4. Test your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

If you own the first-generation Apple Pencil (the one with the cap and Lightning port), you’ll have a spare tip in the box. If not, you’ll need to shell out $19 for a pack of four.

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