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Some elderly sites have strict browser requirements, sometimes even forcing you to be on Windows despite running absolutely fine on other browsers. The browser required all this period is Internet Explorer, which does not run on Mac, and is not even the default Windows anymore.

The Way to Get Around Browser Limits

The way a website is aware of what browser you are using is using a value known as the”user agent”–a bit of data that is sent with each request you make to a site, telling the server what browser and operating system you’re using. This is the way websites decide whether to serve you a mobile or desktop edition of the website, and this is also what the majority of websites with browser restrictions utilize to lock you from viewing them.

So the solution is to fake your user agent. Sending a Spoofed user agent will cause the website to believe that you are using another browser without having to download a fresh one and change over. You can also pretend what operating system you’re running if the site needs Windows-only clients.

There is no mad hacking involved, as it’s a feature built into many modern browsers.

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Changing Your User Agent

We’ll cover Safari here, since it’s the most used browser on Mac.

In Safari, click the “Safari” menu and then the “Preferences” command.

Switch over to the “Advanced” tab and then enable the “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” option.

You should now find a new “Develop” menu. Open this up, point to the”User Agent” submenu, and then select the browser you’d like to impersonate. You’re able to spoof all versions of Internet Explorer; macOS and Windows versions of Chrome and Firefox; as well as mobile browsers.

If you would like to spoof something else, it is possible to manually enter a user agent series by simply clicking the “Other” command in the base of the menu. We do not advise editing it this way if you don’t know what you’re doing, though.

Modifying your user agent must work for many items in your browser, but for whatever runs outside your browser, you will still require Windows (or even the true Internet Explorer) to use them.



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