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pCloud Crypto Review: The Most Secured Cloud Storage Add-on


Cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon etc. are highly used by the Internet users to store their data such as documents, photos, videos and all the other files. pCloud is one of the most reliable cloud-storage platforms which comes with an advanced Crypto add-on to store your files with an encryption key over the cloud. Try now, absolutely free 14 days trial, no need for a card.

What is pCloud Crypto? 

pCloud is a Switzerland-based Cloud Storage platform designed for advanced people. The tool delivers an affordable cloud storage facility with the selection of apps to sync your files between the devices over the cloud. With its multi-platform support, you can keep it handy on multiple devices and can access or manage your storage drive easily. It comes with an advanced security add-on called pCloud Crypto to add an extra level of security to your data.

pCloud becomes one of the best cloud-storage providers in the market just because of this advanced and innovative security tool called Crypto. You can use this Crypto add-on within the pCloud’s web-portal or from its app on your PC or mobile device.

Key Features: 

User-friendly Interface

The tool lets you easily upload and view files stored over the cloud through its application. You can also use the web-based version to access the tool online. You can easily make use of the different sections given on the platform. All the useful functions are given on the main page that lets you easily sync files and have access to all the previously stored files on the platform.

Client-Side Encryption

pCloud’s Crypto add-on provides client-side encryption to add an extra-layer of security to your data. Your data will be encrypted before you upload it on the cloud. Only you have the encryption key to view the files uploaded on this tool. No other person including the authority cant’s see the uploaded files without your permission.

You can also add other cloud-storage services to be synced with this platform. You can access different platforms to browse the files and store them on pCloud’s Storage from Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram etc.


The built-in security tool called pCloud Crypto works automatically for you to encrypt the files that you upload to its folder. You can use this tool alongside the main cloud-storage service of pCloud. It’s a separate tool which is included in the pCloud’s service. You just need to upload the files to this folder and it will be encrypted automatically. You will have to create an encryption key while creating your personal account on pCloud Crypto.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Crypto tool is compatible to work with PC systems as well as Mobile devices. You will get this add-on along with the pCloud’s PC and Mobile app. It’s a premium add-on which requires subscription fees. Once you subscribe for this add-on, you can easily start using this most secured cloud-storage add-on.

Automatic Upload Option

When you start using this tool, you can enable the automatic upload option that will upload your files automatically to the cloud without your persmission. You can take full control over this automatic upload feature by selecting the specific files from your devices. At any time, you can disable this feature from the Settings menu.

How does pCloud Crypto Work?

Crypto add-on is included as an extra-service for the pCloud’s cloud-storage service. When you open the pCloud’s account, you will see a separate Cyrpto option at the left sidebar. Click on to the Crypto option, you will be presented with a page that will ask you to create your account for this client-side encryption tool.

You can get the pCloud Crypto for testing purpose with its 14 days trial version or can go with the premium version. You can keep this Crypto folder separate within the main interface. It will ask you to create an account and you will be able to add files to this folder with an extra security.

Recently, FBI has sent out a legal notice and persuaded Apple to halt iCloud’s Encryption. Many of the iCloud users have forgotten their encryption key, their data is now locked down and there’s no way getting them back. Apple might work on to this security issue and will come up with a solution to overcome this issue very soon.

pCloud’s Crypto service offers an extra option while creating a password or encryption key I.e. Enter Hint. Here, you can add a hint with which you can remember the encryption key. You will get to know about the encryption key by using the hint option.


The pricing model for pCloud Crypto and storage is different from other services. You can either go with the annual plan or a lifetime plan from the two given options I.e. Premium and Premium Plus plan. More details about these premium plans are given below:


pCloud Crypto provides client-side encryption which is a good thing for the users who make use of different types of cloud-storage services to store their data. Unlike other platforms, this unique and secure add-on helps users to encrypt their data with a secure encryption key. It’s a must-have tool for you if you are concern about the security of your data stored over the cloud!



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