Use A Mac To Make Your Own Email Spam


What’s the one thing you hate most about email? If you’re at all like me and like most Mac users, you probably get more than your fair share of email. As in, email you don’t want. Bulk email. Mass email. Spam. Nobody likes spam but the method to create it is time honored.

The flip side of the mass email coin is that a computer, Mac or Windows, makes a great device to manage email lists, and to create and manage email marketing campaigns. Collect email addresses and names, create a promo or campaign, and do a blast ‘o gram to a few dozen or tens of thousands of people. Here is a free Mac app that does just that. But it comes with a catch.

Create An Email Blast ‘O Gram

Direct Mail may be the most cleverly comprehensive Mac email marketing app available at any price. If you don’t have many messages to send each month, Direct Mail is free to use up to a point. An email marketing campaign begins with Direct Mail’s templates. Newsletters. Promos. Marketing. Sales. Whatever you want to do, there’s probably a template ready to use.

Direct Mail for Mac

All you need is a list of email addresses, and other personalized information. Then, all you do is customize the template to fit your needs.

Direct Mail imports email addresses, names and other information from Contacts (once called Address Book), Outlook, FileMaker Pro, Daylite, or as CSV files. You can even assign custom fields to really personalize a message.

Direct Mail for Mac

Images and photos can be dragged and dropped into the email template just like a page layout app. Once you have a promotion ready to send, Direct Mail has a few options.

You can use Direct Mail’s email delivery service, or use your own email server. Email campaigns can have a scheduled delivery, too. Immediately. Tomorrow at 7:00 AM. Or any time.

Sending email messages is one thing, but tracking clicks, opens, bounces, and unsubscribes is where the detail lives. Direct Mail also provides activity reports for each email address, and can create a map of readers. It even handles bounced email and spam tracking.

Direct Mail for Mac

If this sounds just like the Mac email campaign blast ‘O gram service you’ve been looking for, you’re probably correct. But there’s a catch.

Direct Mail is free for up to 50 email recipients per month. From beyond 50 the meter begins to tick. Up to 500 recipients costs $15 a month. The good news is that it’s purely a month-to-month proposition, even at the larger numbers of messages and recipients.

Direct Mail for Mac

If you don’t send too many email messages to your Contacts list, this is a good alternative to one at a time clicking.


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