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Ways to Improve Macbook Battery Life


There may be some instances when you do not have the access to your charger for a Macbook and are in desperate need to use it for as long as possible. Preparing for such a situation in advance is always recommended. And how does one do that exactly? The answer is pretty simple – by knowing the ways of how to prolong the battery life.

If you are still relatively new to Macbooks and laptops in general, you will certainly find this article useful. Not to mention the fact that you will feel that much better knowing that you have more battery life to work with.

Creating More Space on the Drive

In case you do end up doubting this particular point, keep in mind that everything is connected. The better your Macbook is performing, the fewer resources it consumes. And all that is related to battery life.

There are quite a few free mac cleaners that can solve the problem of having files that serve no purpose. Of course, there is always the option of doing everything manually, but it can get a bit tiresome after a while.

Junk and cache files are created whether you like it or not. That is just the way any Macbook operates. Also, one thing to keep in mind is the fact that simply deleting an app from the computer will not guarantee that all the cache files disappear as well. When you take all that into consideration, it becomes quite apparent that cleaning software should be used.

CPU Usage

If there is one thing that really takes a toll on battery life, it would have to be the number of different applications that are running at the same time. Even if you are not actively using it but still have it launched in the background, CPU is in a much worse place.

One of the best examples is having a browser with multiple tabs open. Google Chrome or Firefox, especially with sites that have a lot of content or run Adobe Flash will suck out your battery’s life in no time.

Check what your Activity Monitor has to say about the CPU usage and find out which of the applications are active even though they should not be. Close them and save yourself some energy.

Long-Term Storage

The idea might seem like something complicated if you judge it by the paragraph name, but it is the exact opposite of that.

When you have to leave your Macbook at home for a long time, do not forget about battery life. Long-term storage is one of those things that can really damage the overall performance. It is recommended to have the battery at about 50 percent rather than charging it to a full 100. Finally, shut off your Macbook completely. Otherwise, you also risk losing some of the data on the computer.

Charging Cycles

Most companies will tell you that you should charge a new device to the fullest whenever you turn it on for the first time. Charge cycles should also be followed. First and foremost, take out the adapter after you are done charging.

Also, it is worth sticking to the battery life of about 5 to 10 percent in the offline mode before you recharge it again.


If you feel like the temperature from your Macbook becomes too high, it is time to take the necessary precautions and get it back to the way it was before this problem occurred.

Stable temperature ensures the overall performance as well as battery life and its longevity. Most people use Macbooks in the room temperature which is roughly 22 degrees Celsius. In case you end up in a situation when you are in the temperature which is below -10 degrees Celsius or above 35 degrees Celsius, it would be better to refrain from turning the Macbook on.


You may encounter applications that keep track of the current location. This kind of thing is more or less useless. You can make the necessary adjustments by locating the Location Services section. And while the difference may be trivial, it still helps when you are looking to prolong the battery life for as long as possible.

Power Saver

Those who have been using laptops, smartphones, and tablets should be aware of the power saver options. Again, this is not something that has that big of an impact, but it is still worth opening System Preferences and selecting Energy Saver. Feel free to specify the computer and display sleep times, as well as other options.

In summary, it is possible to save the battery life of a Macbook using these methods. This is what we have at the moment, and it should do the trick. As for whether we will see new and innovative ways remains to be seen, but there is no reason not to think that technology is not going to advance in the future.



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