Merits & Demerits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

mobile credit card processing

Mobile credit card processing is a growing way to accept payments by card. It offers merchants a method to process credit cards and debit cards at non-traditional places like outdoor markets and turns up shops, and it’s also easy to use. Here we cover a few of the benefits and drawbacks of going mobile with your charge card processing.

Merits & Demerits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

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 Area, Place, Location

 Till recently, if you wanted to accept and process credit cards, you required a terminal that was difficult wired in a fixed location. Nevertheless, with mobile technology, you can now turn a smart device or tablet into a charge card terminal. This gives you the flexibility to accept payments practically anywhere. This is a terrific choice if your service doesn’t run from an irreversible area. Food trucks, exhibitions, and farmers’ markets are ideal places for mobile charge card transactions. Many clients do not carry cash, and giving them a choice to utilize their payment cards increases your chances of completing sales.


 Let’s face it: in today’s market, aesthetic appeals are essential. Customers want an experience, not just a property. When you process credit cards with a mobile phone, it looks simple and sophisticated. Gone is the large processing machine and, in its place, is a smooth tablet or clever gadget. Many merchants utilize tablets as their point of sale system, too, providing their checkout counter a structured, very little appearance that fits well with contemporary perceptiveness.

 Simplified Pricing

Mobile credit card processing pay as you go or short-term agreements, whereas traditional processors want to lock you into long term agreements. For brand-new or small businesses, mobile can be a fantastic alternative. The rates and costs tend to be lower and much easier to understand. However, similar to all credit card processing contracts, you need to ensure you comprehend all of the rates, charges, and terms before committing to service.


 Less Support

 While there are numerous positives associated with mobile processing, there are a couple of downsides also. One is less client support. Consumer assistance is an important element of your credit card processing. If you run into issues, you require to know you have the resources to treat it quickly. Top-notch traditional processors tend to use 24/7 live phone assistance. Lots of mobile processors have restricted assistance, and some do not use phone assistance at all. If you process credit cards, a lot can fail. You don’t wish to lose important sales or repeat clients because you can’t process their payment.

 Technology Issues

 As you understand, phones and tablets are prone to problems and concerns. It can be frustrating enough if a text or email will not send from your phone, but it’s even worse if your income depends on it. Standard terminals are typically more trustworthy than phones and tablets.

 We Can Help

 There are many variables to think about when choosing between mobile and traditional ways to process credit cards. Increasingly more services are transitioning to mobile because it provides flexibility and ease of use. If you’re considering mobile charge card processing for your business, provide Allied Wallet a call. We can help you figure out if mobile credit card processing is right for you.

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