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Monkey Mart offers the opportunity to simulate the thrill of managing a store, making challenging choices, and maximizing your store’s potential. It is a one-of-a-kind and exceptional experience. If you enjoy the amusing and engaging Monkey Mart game, then you must try this new version, inspired by Monkey Mart. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey where you, as a baby monkey, will run a store selling homegrown products that you have crafted with care.

If you enjoy playing Monkey Mart Unblocked 76 and love the challenge of managing stalls, you will not be disappointed by Monkey Mart. In the game, you control a baby monkey who must manage the products created and sold to customers. As you run your store, you will also need to harvest crops like corn and eggs. Tasks include organizing shelves, restocking goods, and ensuring customers can shop conveniently. Monkey Mart offers a thrilling store management experience where you must make tough decisions to maximize your store’s success.

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How to play Monkey Mart

Navigate through the market to collect recently harvested produce and arrange them neatly in rows for customers to select. No need to push any buttons – your character will automatically handle the tasks as long as you are positioned correctly!

  • Arrow keys (or WASD) to Move
  • To plant, stand over empty plots of land
  • To harvest, stand over plants when they are ripe
  • To sell, place harvested food in the stands. Customers will pick them up and wait for you at the cash register
  • Hire employees, upgrade the equipment, and expand the supermarket to improve efficiency and attract more customers and sales

How can I unlock a new mart in Monkey Mart?

Be sure to note where the camera is focusing. Save up enough money to construct a stall in that location. Make sure you have unlocked all the required stalls before opening your next branch.

How switch between marts in Monkey Mart?

To choose and switch between your different branches, click on the truck symbol located at the top of your screen. Another option is to exit the shop and position yourself next to your truck.

Playing Monkey Mart Unblocked

Monkey Mart Unblocked allows you to play as a baby monkey in charge of running a store and selling homemade products. In addition to managing the store and tending to crops like corn and eggs, you will be responsible for organizing shelves, restocking items, and improving product placement for customers. This game provides a realistic and challenging simulation of store management, challenging you to make strategic decisions to ensure your store’s success.


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Monkey Market provides a variety of elements that enhance its appeal and make it a fun simulation game.

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  • Meet and engage with a delightful group of monkey customers, each with their own distinct personalities and characteristics. The store is constantly buzzing with vibrant characters, from playful monkeys to amiable pandas.
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  • Exciting Gameplay Features: Feel the excitement of operating a grocery store as you oversee stock levels, replenish products, and strive for customer contentment. This game provides an ideal mix of entertainment and difficulty.
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  • Vast Supermarket Setting: Discover various aisles and departments within the supermarket, each featuring unique themes and items. Access new sections and enlarge your store to offer a greater range of products.
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  • Managing customer satisfaction: Ensure your demanding customers are satisfied by delivering exceptional service, locating the products they are looking for, and meeting their shopping requirements. Content customers are more inclined to come back and make additional purchases, leading to your overall success.
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  • Customize the appearance of your supermarket with decorative options and upgrades to improve the overall atmosphere, attract more customers, and make both real and virtual shoppers feel welcome.
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  • Accomplishments and Obstacles: Gain rewards for hitting goals and finishing unique assignments. Tackle difficult tasks to assess your leadership abilities and receive incentives.
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  • Compete with other players worldwide to see how you stack up on the leaderboards based on your managerial skills as a supermarket owner. Display your abilities and compare your success against other top players.


Monkey Market provides a delightful and immersive shopping experience for those who love monkeys and enjoy simulation games. With its charming monkey characters, interactive gameplay, and lively supermarket atmosphere, this game is guaranteed to appeal to players of all ages. Take on the role of a store manager, engage with cute monkey shoppers, and enjoy the excitement of managing a thriving supermarket. Prepare yourself for an exciting shopping adventure in Monkey Market, where satisfying customers and growing your business are essential for success!