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Nano-Cannabinoid Technology Is Making Major Waves

The growing acceptance of the hemp plant as a legitimate option for medical treatment in the modern-day world can only be positive. Why? Because long-established remedies have stopped working and people desperately need relief from ailments such as diabetes, chronic pain, seizures, cancer, and so on.

Cannabis has been used as medicine in various cultures for thousands of years. Nevertheless, prior to its legalization, people didn’t turn to hemp-derived CBD products when having difficulty dealing with various illnesses. The explanation lies in the fact that they didn’t know too much about the impressive benefits of cannabidiol consumption. If you haven’t spent any time going through products containing cannabidiol, then you’re not familiar with the phrases “nano CBD” or, better yet, “water-soluble CBD”.  It’s okay, these words barely make it into the conversation, anyway.

What you must know is that nano-cannabinoid technology is the latest thing. It’s the newest way to increase the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream, which boosts the power of the medical effect. If you’re curious to know more about CBD bioavailability and its health benefits, please continue reading.

Nanotechnology: An effective tool for increasing CBD bioavailability

Cannabidiol comes in many forms, including but not limited to capsules, tinctures, edibles, and oils. With hemp-derived CBD products, you cater to your health and wellness goals. Not many know that the choice of delivery can impact bioavailability, aka the percentage of cannabidiol that gets absorbed into the body.

Unfortunately, CBD doesn’t have a high bioavailability rate. This basically means that only 20% of the products you take are being absorbed. There is good news, though. Owing to the technological improvements in the area of hemp extraction, it’s possible to address bioavailability issues. Nanotechnology has been used for some time now in the pharmaceutical and medical industry to help deliver compounds to the cells. At present, this cutting edge technology is used in the CBD industry.

Manufacturing companies have shrunken the molecules of cannabidiol down to the size of nanoparticles. The result is a 100% bioavailable delivery system. It’s easier for the human body to break the product apart and process it into usable compounds. The effects of the hemp-derived CBD products can be felt immediately, in a maximum of 60 seconds. Most importantly, they don’t degrade in the digestive system. Nano CBD can be defined as a type of cannabidiol isolate. In this process, scientists extract cannabidiol from the best hemp flowers. In spite of the fact that nano-cannabidiol technology hasn’t been widely studied, the results look positive.

The field of nanotechnology and medical cannabis remains largely unexplored. It’s true that scientists have been experimenting with nanoparticles for the past years. Yet, as highlighted before, the applications are limited to the pharmaceutical and medical industry. There are studies focusing on the effectiveness of nano-cannabinoid technology and they don’t disappoint. At least discoveries have advanced so far as to warrant the extent of its impact.

Is nano-cannabinoid technology the future?

We’re acquainted with the past of CBD medicine, but we don’t yet know what can be expected from the future. It’s strongly believed that nano-cannabinoid technology represents the future of the industry. To be more precise, it’s expected that companies will incorporate nanotech one by one to enhance bioavailability. It’s the growing realization of what consumers need from hemp-derived CBD products that will lead to important changes in the industry.

Companies will be working with very small products. The main difference between the old and the new products is that they’re extremely absorbable. The molecules are made 100 times smaller, so they can reach the size of 16 nanometers. The consumer doesn’t waste anything. On the contrary, they have a lot to gain in terms of effectiveness. As far as cannabidiol products are concerned, there are infinitesimal traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in the hemp plant.

Nano CBD may or may not be the future. What is certain is that it’s here to stay. Nanotechnology will play an important role in the future of the pharmaceutical or medical industry and, from the looks of it, it’s a trend that won’t vanish in the years to come. Nano-enhanced products result in better therapeutic benefits showing paramount characteristics such as efficient transport through blood vessels and higher binding capacity to biomolecules. The world may not be ready for them, but they’re already here.

CBD brands are all-natural, organic, so you can’t build tolerance

If you’d like to give hemp-derived CBD products a try, you’re in luck because various brands sell all-natural, organic products. The great thing about these pharmaceutical products is that it’s impossible for the consumer to develop a tolerance. By tolerance, it’s understood the person’s diminished response to the product caused by repeated use.

Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp branch of cannabis, so there’s no reason to worry about mood-altering effects. It doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on the brain activity and neither does it cause a high sensation. The human body has its own cannabinoid system, receptors being present all over the body. Cannabidiol works with the body by enabling it to deploy more of what it’s already producing.

If you happen to experience pain and discomfort, don’t hesitate to try hemp-derived CBD products. Before trying out any products, it’s recommended to schedule an appointment with your doctor and talk about appropriate dosages. The amount of cannabidiol that is required depends a lot on the needs of the person. Given that each person is different, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have different types of needs.

The experts say that potent is better when it comes down to CBD. Potency isn’t clearly settled, is the case with other pharmaceutical products, and there are several ways to determine potency. Nano CBD is a pretty sure bet because the product is specifically designed for quality, potency, and purity. The point is that there’s no point in trying all the products available on the market. So, be willing to try innovative products.