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How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing in Windows 10

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

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Lately, after the Windows 10 Creators Update, individuals have actually begun facing the concern where Nvidia Control Panel is Missing, which is an essential element of the Nvidia Graphics Card. As the Nvidia Control Panel is utilized to fiddle around with the graphics, it can be aggravating when you find out that it’s not even present on your COMPUTER.

How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing in Windows 10

In this article, you can find out how to nvidia control panel missing here are the details below;

What is Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error?

Customers who have mounted an Nvidia Graphics Card in their COMPUTER have a specific alternative to transform as well as readjust the graphics according to their taste.

Currently, they need the Nvidia Control board to do these things. What occurs is, that sometimes the Nvidia Control board is nowhere to be located. It just disappears, and that can be really troublesome for hardcore individuals. However don’t worry. We have actually got you covered with a few of the easiest, attempted, and also evaluated options that will resolve the concern. Prior to we proceed to the services, we require to take a look at what triggers this issue.

What Triggers Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error?

As a number of users are coming this error, it has actually learnt that the major source of this problem is a Windows Security Update. And also there are numerous records that this problem is related to OS crashes, video game crashes, video clip ices up, and so forth.

How To solve Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error

ell, you have actually involved the best post. Today we’ll aid you address this problem with the approaches that are attempted as well as tested by us. As well as we make certain one of them will most definitely solve the concern for you.

Option 1 ⇒ Uninstall as well as Reinstall The Graphics Chauffeur

This issue may take place because of motorist incompatibility. You can attempt to uninstall and also re-install the graphics vehicle driver to address the problem. Follow the actions listed below:

Solution 2 ⇒ Unhide Your Nvidia Control Panel

If you have just recently updated your Windows, occasionally because of the upgrade, graphics settings transform immediately. You can attempt to access the Nvidia Control board through the Windows Control Board. To do the exact same, follow the steps:

Solution 3 ⇒ Restart Nvidia Services On Your Order

Reactivating the Nvidia Services might deal with the problem if the services have actually obtained damaged. It must revive in the control panel in the context food selection and is the system tray also. Follow the actions:


Otherwise, after that move to our next order.

Solution 4 ⇒ The Graphics Driver of Your Order

If the above methods backfire, you can attempt to update the graphics motorist of your COMPUTER. For the most part, updating the chauffeur fixes the concern.

Currently the system will immediately discover the most up to date variation of the vehicle driver and also will show you the update. If it’s readily available, Install it. Or else, restart your PC, as well as with any luck, the Nvidia Control Board Missing Error ought to have been gone by currently.

Solution 5 ⇒ Do Not Overclock Your GPU

Overclocking your GPU could cause these errors. Overclocking is described the process where the customer changes the rate and regularity of the processor to greater value and above the default settings.

It is a procedure that can considerably improve the performance of your COMPUTER and also make it visibly much faster. But there have actually been situations where the entire COMPUTER has melted to fires. So you need to take severe preventative measures prior to you wage overclocking.

If you need to reset the speeds to default, you have to utilize the exact same software application which you made use of for overclocking. Stop overclocking your GPU as well as see if the error has been resolved.


Similar to all the issues, there’s always a basic option. Also, we want to recommend you do a total scan of your COMPUTER for any kind of viruses that may be impacting the machine. Just in fact if the Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error is as a result of an infection, it will obtain solved. Or else, a total reinstallation of Nvidia GeForce Experience and also graphics vehicle driver must be sufficient. Here you can also check How to Fix Update Error 0xc1900200.