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Top 15 Best Outreach Software Alternative In 2022

outreach software

This post will explain outreach software. With the aid of the straightforward yet effective sale automation tool called Outreach, sales teams can create email campaigns and touchpoints based on the parameters they specify. This group can easily arrange a series of calls and emails. A group of developers and sales professionals worked specifically on the solution, which has practically all of the top tools and features.

No matter how many prospects there are, the software makes it easy for the sales team to manage each one. You can access all tools and features from a dashboard that is simple to use. The software’s ability to alert teams when leads repeat communications and schedule those who responded is its most interesting feature.

Sales teams can also obtain an overview of their operations and results thanks to an analytical component. Additionally, reports are automatically generated and editable at any moment. Real-time data, sales analytics, lead capturing, sales reporting, and many more features are part of Outreach’s core functionality.

Top 15 Best Outreach Software Alternative In 2022

In this article, you can know about outreach software here are the details below;

1. OpenCart

An online shopping cart system is called OpenCart. This PHP-based application offers internet traders a reliable e-commerce solution with the ability to manufacture online trade and engage in e-commerce at a low cost. It offers lifelong free support and free software updates, as well as built-in order management and different payment ways. It collaborates with a few shippers and instalment platforms. While customers can purchase more than 12,000 additional items and subjects from other sources to remodel their stores, the modules supported by the truck have garnered positive reviews. This is another outreach software. Also check Geographic Information System

It is an all-inclusive e-commerce setup that enables you to launch your online store, list and manage your products, allow customers to add them to shopping carts, and then process their orders. It offers all the typical online store functionality you could need. OpenCart is a platform that is open-source.

2. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an open-source, cost-free e-commerce solution that helps up to 200,000 online stores across the globe. By giving people great possibilities for conducting business online, it seeks to ensure the prosperity of every businessperson. By providing up to 310 features and an overall programme tailored to each merchant’s needs, this platform makes it simple to sell products online. This is another outreach software.

It is permissible to download and use, however it is not a free e-commerce setup. You must purchase the product if you download it. Additionally, you’ll probably need to purchase a few (sometimes expensive) modules to integrate its unique programming with your website.

3. JumpSeller

JumpSeller is a capable hosted platform for creating beautiful online stores that requires no technical expertise to create, set up, and manage your online business. You can enter your products, choose your payment and delivery options, pick a theme, and then you’re ready to start taking online orders. Numerous foreign payment methods, including bank transfers and fetches on offering, are supported by its service.

You can also convert the content of your store into any of the many languages that are widely spoken nowadays. You have complete control over the configuration of every store page, including the checkout, and may change it whatever you want. JumpSeller provides a wide range of international instalment methods.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free blogging platform that can be used as a basic content management system for virtually any website. A very moderate platform, WordPress & WooCommerce together. It offers excellent support for commercial websites because it is an e-commerce plugin. The majority of its beneficial features are offered for free, which is the nicest thing about this platform.

This is the greatest WordPress plugin for managing shipping and inventory, hands down. It is a completely configurable platform with tools that let you instantly optimise your website. It enables you to perfectly create an internet store from beginning. A global community of website owners and developers use it.

5. Hoovers

This is another outreach software. Hoovers is a sales software that uses Dun & Bradstreet corporate data to acquire B2B leads and prospects more effectively and quickly. Many B2B businesses use it to improve the quality of their data, maximise the effectiveness of their marketing and sales operations, and ultimately achieve campaign results equal to or better than those. It provides a directory of more than 85 million businesses in 900 different industry sectors. Users get access to a variety of resources, including corporate information, to better understand their sector.

Companies may get industry reports using this effective tool, which gives them data they can use to better plan and carry out sales calls, marketing initiatives, etc. It is also the greatest option for people who wish to grow their business and attract a certain clientele. It features a variety of capabilities that enable users to manage their entire sales workload, just like other sales software of a similar nature. List cleaning, notes and tags, list building, customer analytics, workflow integration, company reporting, and other notable features are included in Hoovers. Overall, compared to other sales software, this one is among the best. Also check cms 1500 software 

6. Yesware

Yesware is a potent communication software or comprehensive sales toolbox that supports users globally. You can effortlessly interact with prospects, close transactions, track client engagement, and increase your productivity with the aid of this tool. From your Gmail or Outlook inbox, you may use it to track customer emails and conduct more professional business.

This solution’s ability to automatically sync all of your data and upload data rapidly is one of its strongest features. Yesware also comes with all the tools for sales communication that reduce productivity hurdles and enable sales teams to act more quickly and wisely. You can swiftly keep tabs on your sales team’s performance with the use of this communication software, as well as keep track of emails, phone calls, and presentations right from your inbox.

7. StoreYa

Using StoreYa, a top social commerce solution, web stores may be seamlessly imported onto Facebook and tailored to match both the Facebook and the original brand’s aesthetics. Your marketing is automated by this all-in-one platform for web marketing. More than 2 million people use the user-friendly commercial platform StoreYa every day to increase traffic to their stores. This is another outreach software.

Its skilled marketing team will create tailored advertising campaigns, and its powerful technology will optimise them automatically and direct the right customers to your store. You may quickly build on-site promos using this platform, which will raise the conversion rate of your online store.

8. Revel

Revel is a cloud-based point-of-sale system for bars and restaurants that unifies customer and operational channels into a single dashboard. It is a little different from other POS solutions but yet provides all the same services and functionalities. It offers users a POS system with integrated customer management, inventory management, and social media management functions, making it suited for all types of retailers and restaurants of all sizes.

The data analytics programme Revel tracks hourly sales, payment summaries, order histories, product mixes, and sales summaries and displays the information in reports, charts, and graphs. It also provides a customising option, which adds intrigue. Payroll management, sales data summaries, labour management, low stack notifications, mobile device management, custom menu design, and other fundamental functions are all part of Revel. This POS software for restaurants is among the best overall.

9. ChannelAdvisor

With the help of ChannelAdvisor, a well-known cloud-based e-commerce platform, retailers may exchange product feeds and increase sales of their goods. It is an all-inclusive solution that includes all the essential tools and services, making it more potent than the competition. By integrating with a variety of marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, as well as numerous other digital marketing tools like Google, Bing, and social media sites, the software may also regulate sales.

This is another outreach software. ChannelAdvisor stands apart from competitors thanks to a number of key features. With the help of its marketplaces platform, retail businesses can sign up for, manage, and arrange item lists on various e-commerce websites and coordinate inventory levels with customer demand. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor facilitates decision-making by offering information through robust dashboards and an inventory velocity report that make a number of activities simple to complete. The platform has thousands of users in better than 100 countries who may use it to communicate with their consumers and increase productivity. It starts out at very basic levels. Try it out; you’ll be impressed by everything this robust platform has to offer.

10. Lightspeed

A cloud-based point of sale system called Lightspeed is appropriate for shops in a variety of markets, including clothing, jewellery, bicycles, shoes, and home furnishings. It is among the greatest ChannelAdvisor alternatives and provides all the same services along with some additional features. Retailers can integrate transactions into their store’s analytics using Lightspeed, monitor inventory and consumers, and manage transactions.

It is a strong solution that provides a fully integrated e-commerce option that allows users to manage inventory both in-store and online. The best element of this platform is its multi-store functionality, which maintains inventory synchronisation across all locations, along with mobile extensions that enable inventory checking and sales transactions from any place.

11. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

One of the top WordPress multi-vendor marketplaces powered by WooCommerce is Dokan Multivendor Marketplace. You may create your own marketplace that is similar to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Magento in just 30 minutes with the use of this platform. It is the quickest way to launch an online business and earn money through commissions on items ranging from digital and physical goods to a variety of goods. Vendors are unlimited, and they can create an infinite number of things. This is another outreach software.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace is a complete solution with all the essential market characteristics that set it apart from rivals. It puts you in the driver’s seat while maintaining ease of access by allowing vendors to handle numerous tasks independently. In this platform, everything is automated; you simply need to review the order. Each vendor on the platform has a dashboard on the shop frontend where they can simply discover what they need because the platform appreciates the notion of the whole front-end experience.

12. SAP Hybris

An e-commerce system with the flexibility to operate on any channel is SAP Hybris. It is a complete solution that includes all the tools that are well suited to businesses in industries like manufacturing, financial services, and telecommunications. The solution is available as part of a hybrid suite that offers cloud, on-premise, and on-device deployment depending on the needs of the customer and the size of the business.

There are several capabilities in SAP Hybris that aid firms with automation and digital transformation. That this system offers Omni-Channel flexibility is among its most intriguing features. With this, firms may use a variety of marketing platforms to provide the answers that the client is seeking for. It offers product content management with certain industry-leading capabilities that set it apart from competitors in order to deliver a full experience. Other capabilities include customer financial management, sales force automation, flexible document management, agile charging, and catalogue management.

13. Demandware

This is another outreach software. Software provider Demandware offers an integrated mobile and cloud-based unified E-Commerce platform. Additionally, it provides you with an artificial intelligence personalization that you can include into your business and a CRM module that will provide you access to all of the company’s information. The software integrates with the cloud server and is accessible for all kinds of devices.

Working with the cloud server is advised since it allows for real-time customization of any type of detail. If you are utilising a desktop version for an enterprise, the system will break down the modifications that need to be made on various devices throughout the company. Also check condo management software


A comprehensive sales automation solution available online, aids with lead creation, sales monitoring, and application management. It is a cloud-based system made for small businesses, startups, and major corporations to increase sales productivity. It is a smart sales engagement solution that manages visibility, team performance, and sales productivity.

It offers the two-way synchronisation that promptly records changes between CRM and playbooks. Real data is a component of the technology that can record experiential data depending on the buyer and seller’s actions in real time. To handle real buyers and their engagement, it can expand and enrich consumer data.


A sophisticated online sales tracking software called SPOTIO was created specifically to help firms manage their sales pipeline, track their resources, and gather leads. To achieve insane productivity, shorten the sales cycle, and easily boost income, it centralises the sales team’s work. This is another outreach software.

It is a cloud-based solution that, with the aid of included features and amenities, allows you to tailor your company’s operations. It contains built-in calendars that let you schedule appointments and uses CVS files to swiftly load customer lists. The programme provides the choice of GPS live position and location as well as the ability to motivate the team member by sending messages.