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3 Best Apk for Entertainment

ShowBox Apk

Are you looking for best Apk for free movies, TV shows, TV dramas? In this article, i will tell you best entertainment Apk of 2019. Many online streaming applications mislead you and they put malware injection (viruses, to get your personal data) in your smartphones. These applications take your mobile access permission which is for their personal use. Many applications ask you for contact and personal information which doesn’t require for streaming movies online.

Most of the application doesn’t store movies in their web server and search in web directory to give you stream the movies, TV series and TV dramas online. Below there are three best Apk for live streaming movies, TV series, and TV dramas. These applications are not available in Google Play Store but available in independent source.

Free Movie Streaming Apk

1: ShowBox Apk

ShowBox Apk 2020 is currently the most popular and best mobile application for watching movies, TV dramas online/offline free of cost.This Apk provides you the best service of watching live streaming movies and TV dramas like Netflix. If you are a movie lover and looking for some mobile application to watch movies in your free time, inexpensive and easy to use then you must go for ShowBox Apk.The most important factor is thatthis Apk doesn’t take your Personal information likeregister yourself and entering username and password. You don’t need to pay monthly subscriptions. Just download the ShowBox application and enjoy your favorite movies.

Features of ShowBox Apk

  • The content of ShowBox Apk updated daily.
  • You can create your own library can add your favorite movies, TV shows and music.
  • This Apk doesn’t have any hidden payment method.
  • ShowBox have movies according to categories (Action, Comedy and Romantic).So whatever movie you want you just search it.
  • ShowBox can be easily installed on android devices (mobiles and tablets).
  • You can download movies and watch on your favorite media player. (VLC).
  • The latest version of ShowBox has also music feature, with movies and TV dramas you can also download latest music of your mood.
  • You can download your favorite movies Hollywood/Bollywood and watch them when you don’t have internet connection.
  • Available on UK, US also provide contents of Asian movies, dramas.
  • ShowBox has functionality to recommend movies according to user rating and feedback.

2: Mobdro Apk

Mobdro Apk is the easy way to stream online movies for free. The main aim of this Apk is to provide you all the contents through searching YouTube and more online streaming websites. Every free streaming Apk provides you movies with tone of ads. If you want to remove ads in Mobdro Apk you have to upgrade to Mobdro Apk Pro. This Apk doesn’t need any sign up or require your personal data for watching movies. The interface of this Apk is very simple and easy to use and support different languages. You can recommend favorite movies to your friend with one click. This Apk divide movies according to categories.

3:TeaTV Apk

TeaTV is the best Apk for smart phones that provides you to watch HD movies and TV shows in free of cost. You can also connect this application with Amazon Firestick, Android Smart TVs etc. In TeaTV there are wide range of movies and TV series and also you can access premium content for free. The UI of this Apk is easy to use. There are very few ads in this Apk and provides you more content, so download TeaTV and watch HD movies and TV series without any limitations. This Apk file support all kind of devices (IOS, Windows, Android).



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