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7 Ways to Speed up Your Mobile App Development

The mobile app market is one of the most happening industries running successfully in the world. Top-ranking mobile app development companies are rapidly designing and launching user-friendly and user-relative applications. These apps can make the life of the users more comfortable. Nowadays, any app development company would look for ways that can speed up the designing process prominently.

Speed up Your Mobile App Development

Here, you can know some of the most effective ways to speed up the mobile app development process.  You should consider vital aspects in terms of the industry as the following stats show its condition:

As per the data published by appventurez, the apps’ global revenue will be near $935 billion as per the study from Statista.

So you see why it is important to find out ways and boost app development speed in your company. Not doing so will diminish the chances for your company to earn a good profit.

1. Choose App Development Wireframes Having Low-fidelity

To make the process of designing and structuring rapid, you need to choose a framework that has minimum fidelity. With the help of these frameworks, you can easily handle the app-structuring process while designing. The blueprints of the low-fidelity frameworks are easily accessible, and as a developer, you can easily extract necessary information from them.

Any app designer can add features to the application with the support of the wireframes. If you are into designing UX, you can get to know the process of designing the UI. A user-friendly wireframe can both handle the operations of app development and designing.

2. Design Reviews And Keep Release Cycles Short

One of the main works to do while developing mobile apps is to create sprints. You need to establish sprints and keep track of the visuals in the app. However, proper planning is vital before creating sprints. In technical terms, it is known as Reviewing Designs.

To speed up development, you need to review the visuals every time, even if any slightest changes are done. Moreover, the story points of all apps must be taken into account. The best way to develop an app rapidly is to check if the product is shippable, even if the app is not fully ready. As a good designer, you need to keep track of all the feedback.

In the leading app designing companies, some teams execute the whole process, and they have to work in sync; some supervisors keep a continuous watch over the entire process. These supervisors ensure that there are no backlogs in the system.

You can ensure that the release cycles are short as the partly-completed apps are also shippable. To boost up the speed of app development, you can send it to the client multiple times. Make sure to keep these release periods short.

In case the app release is done in its beta version, the client might send it back with the necessary corrections, which will only stretch the complete app development process.

3. Follow The Lean Method

As per the previous point discussed, The mean method connects to providing partly release of the apps for the clients. Once you release the partially ready apps for the clients, they can send you the feedback. So, the chances of making unnecessary changes in the apps can come down.

As per the release period, you can consider the span to be of 3 to 4 weeks. The app’s testing should be regular as it can help you correct the flaws of the app.

4.  Execute testing automatically

As testing is one of the vital works related to app development, turning it automatic can dramatically boost growth. All big app development companies work with smart systems that can test mobile apps automatically.

You can set up a system based on AI that can help you to test the apps thoroughly as long as the development process is not completed. In case the automation on testing is not present, you might have to invest a lot of time to test the app, which will only elongate the process.

If you can deliver a complete mobile app to the client quickly, expect your company to get more clients due to outstanding repute. All you have to do is choose an exceptional software that can test mobile apps. There are a lot of free and paid apps available online that can help in app testing. You should check the features and charges before signing a deal with the right app tester software.

Furthermore, you need to judge an app testing software based on the type of app you design. Some software testing setups like Native and Hybrid can be the best options for you if you are testing the apps that can run on Android and iOS.

5. The Agile Approach

The Agile approach can be the best for the designer as it supports him in generating reports on the app development progress. Agile helps an individual developer or a team of developers to determine the time and expenses needed to develop an app. So, both the team and the client can understand the minimum time until a particular app will be thoroughly developed.

As per the setup of Agile, a developer can release a sprint of the app in two weeks. If the client gives the nod, you can deliver the end-product (the complete app) in two weeks.

Most developers and companies deliver the complete app after six weeks if the whole process completes without an obstacle.

6. Thoroughly Questioning The Client And Reducing Iterations

Any app development company or individual designer can ask the client a lot of questions to enhance the speedy development of an app. It is the primary necessity that the app designing team or an individual knows about the clients’ needs. Some designers also make a questionnaire for the clients to fill up before making a deal.

The questions include facts like the type of app and the features an app should contain. Moreover, the designing team also needs to know why the client is investing in the app.

On being an individual designer, it will be your responsibility to execute the question and answer session with the client. Once you get hold of their visions and needs from the app, it will be easier for you to pitch. On the other hand, big teams in the companies have client analysts who communicate directly with the client and convey all the messages to the app designing team.

In most of the cases, the client analysts try reducing the iterations after giving out every sprint. It helps the designing team to divide the workflow. In case you are an independent app designer, you can also reduce iterations. It is crucial as the client can engage you with a single app for more extended periods if no iterations are reduced. Such a situation can take a toll on your productivity and hamper the opportunities for working on new projects and earning profits.

7. Changing The Team Size As Per Necessity

All mobile app development companies run correctly due to the presence of the teams. The executive boards change the size of the app designing team according to the needs of the organisation. Most companies keep a reserved mass of employees who are put to work whenever needed.

The client has to bear extra charges if the need for the app is urgent. Another approach the company might take is to minimise the time to discuss the app with the client as it is being developed. It also boosts the speed of app development.

Final Words

The app development market has turned highly competitive these days as the clients have many options to choose from when selecting a company or a designer. If you are working as an individual app designer, try following the facts from this list to help you deliver the end product at the earliest.

The best you can do is develop a team and work smartly to help you earn a good reputation in the market. Furthermore, your network can also develop depending on your service and the quality of the app you deliver to the clients.

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