Application Using By Parents To Monitor Their Children In 2020

As a parent, you must guard your children against the world’s secret (and not-so-hidden) risks. Now that your pre-teens and teenagers have access to smart devices, they run a higher risk of exposure to the harsh realities of life.

A smartphone or tablet will allow your kids to interact with strangers without proper supervision, learn lewd behaviors and participate in other horrendous acts.

However, we’ve taken our time to compile a list of these apps to monitor your children online. Here are:


BARK (iOS, Android, Amazon)

Look no further than Bark for the most extensive online surveillance experience. This is the end of all, be all online activity tracking experience for your kids.

Bark is the best surveillance software service when it comes to protecting your kids while also granting them anonymity. Regularly, Bark will monitor everything your child (or kids) is doing on internet websites, social media, etc., and display it all in a simple overview. If there is suspicious activity, you will dig deeper to find information such as messages and contacts with social media.

This is perfect because the summary provides you with a simple check-up, without providing too many specifics about exactly what your child does. However, if you ever wish to look into it, it also records all this knowledge.


Kids Zone. The chore mode allows you to set a time limit which will determine when your child can use the smartphone.

Many noteworthy components include relocking the system after restarting, blocking phone calls, text messages, and internet access, restricting software installation and in-app purchase, and many other features.


LogsKit is a mobile surveillance and monitoring app that collects logs from smartphones. The app sends logs through your account to, over cellular data, or WiFi through the device of the victim. LogsKit is the most effective and undetectable surveillance app for Android phones.

Display Text Messages–The ability to display text sent, received and deleted makes it one of the best monitoring software.

GPS tracking market–GPS tracking helps you to monitor a person’s exact location.

Recording calls–Listen and record all incoming and outgoing phones to know what they are up to and what they’re talking about.

Browsing habits–Thoroughly monitor all information like websites visited and their regularity.

Track the websites your kids or workers like and use most.

View Photo that was taken–With LogsKit, you will be able to view all the images they have stored on their phones and tablets.

Show Call log information–you can show call logs to see who was calling, any missed calls and the time and date of the call.


It is also an internet monitoring app that is primarily used to monitor Facebook activity on children’s mobile phones, as well as the real-time location feature. Though, if it is to be a first parental surveillance device, there are still many features lacking, such as tracking which websites the child has accessed, using each app, whether the child has entered or left inappropriate locations, etc.


Norton Family, the parental control software, helps protect your children from online predators by showing you what your children are doing online and detecting them.

Location Supervision –Stay up to date on where your kids are with tools that allow you to map their Android or iOS devices location and provide a 30-day history to show where they’ve been.

Activity History–See at a glance what your kids are doing on their connected devices and how much time they have spent on their PCs so that patterns and new behaviors can be identified.

Check Supervision –See your children’s names, expressions, and phrases to gain insight into their desires and help protect them from inappropriate content.


This a fast and free parental control app that helps you monitor and save your kid from internet hazards. It’s a parental control software for Android devices that lets you easily connect with your kids and access their usage and blocking of smartphones if necessary.

A few features of the Abeona Parental Control app are as follows: Receive a real-time notification on your child’s smartphone of any application launching.

Set up and alert multiple Geo fences when your child enters or exits them.

Test whether the app is in use or not online, i.e.

Use the Android or Chrome browser to monitor websites your child has visited.


This one is compatible with the Android, ios, PC, and Mac parental monitoring software. WebWatcher allows parents to access messages from the palm of your hand (texts, Facebook and other social media), call history, images, website history, GPS and more.


Platform: Android & iOS.

Screen Time is a necessary but useful application that allows you to monitor how much screen time your child gets without actually taking away the screen. For different apps, you can set an unusual amount of time— for example, allowing one hour for Facebook but unlimited time for an app to read. You can also set up limits on school and bedtime, and the app will let you “reward” your child with extra time quickly.


Qustodio is, and for a good reason, one of the most popular monitoring apps to parents. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Kindle and offers parents the ability to receive daily reports about what games their children use and how much time they spend on their computers.

Limited screen time windows can be set outside in which the system is unusable, and automated web filtering restricts what content minors can access while surfing the web, whether they are using Safari, Chrome, Edge or whatever application they prefer.


MamaBear apps include location tracking services, so you can be alerted when your kids arrive and leave locations like home or school, Instagram social media monitoring, Twitter and Facebook activities, and a warning that lets you know when your kid is driving or riding at a faster speed than you want.

It also only has text messaging surveillance for children on Android devices.


These Six reasons merely scratch the surface of the child safety subject online. Whatever the reason parents are employing to keep kids safe, the bottom line here is that you always need to keep the younger, more novice family members protected as they surf the net. If you don’t, then too much can go wrong.

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