Can You Repair Your iPhone’s Motherboard?

Repairing a Broken Motherboard

iPhone get damaged in a number of ways. Afterall, smartphones are the most abused pieces of tech out there. And smartphone companies really aren’t making an effort to increase the durability of their devices. In fact, the latest smartphones available at the moment are really fragile. Their glass backs and curved screens with minute bezels really don’t do much in terms of sturdiness. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that offer repair solutions for iPhones. But there are some forms of phone damage that are incredibly severe. Today, we’re going to talk about motherboard damage.

Every phone has a motherboard on which every other component is connected. The motherboard is the most important piece of hardware in any electronic device. It allows every other component to communicate with one another. Basically, any computerized device cannot function without a motherboard. And trying to repair a motherboard is really tricky. This is because motherboards are fragile. And they have a number of chips and other tiny components soldered onto them.

In most cases, a damaged motherboard means that it is time to change your device. However, there are cases when your motherboard can be salvaged or saved. In order to save a damaged motherboard, you would need an exceptionally good technician. Break Fix Now have a number of highly experienced iPhone technicians.

How Do You Know That Your Motherboard is Damaged?

A damaged motherboard does not always kill your device. Sometimes, there could be a minor amount of damage that could cause a variety of problems. For instance, your motherboard’s connections could be damaged. In some cases, a certain part of your motherboard could come into contact with water and top working.

Diagnosing a faulty motherboard can be hard. But in most cases, if your device begins acting up without any visible signs of damage, it might be connected to your motherboard. However, you shouldn’t rule out the probability of software issues either. Before jumping to any conclusions, make sure that your software is working fine. This can be done by starting up your phone in safe mode. You can check out how to turn on your phone’s safe mode online. Apart from booting in safe mode, you should also check whether your phone’s OS needs to be updated or not. Once you have ruled out the possibility of a software issue, you can begin worrying about the motherboard.

Now, there are a handful of ways to repair a broken motherboard. But the most common is to remove all of its soldered components and place them on a new motherboard.

Repairing a Broken Motherboard

A motherboard repair job is something that can never be done at home. You need a variety of specialized tools in order to carry out this repair. Motherboard repairs can only be done if you have micro soldering technology. Unfortunately, not every repair company has these tools on hand. You also need to be incredibly careful since you’ll be dealing with sensitive circuitry throughout the process. You should also keep in mind that motherboard damage is not covered by mobile makers. You will have to rely on third party technicians for this job.

Once a motherboard is damaged, there’s no way to reverse the damage. So, what you want to do is remove all the chips on that motherboard and place them on a new one. Think of it as a transplant operation. All the organs are removed from the body and then placed into a new body. This is usually done when the motherboard itself becomes damaged.

In some cases, the motherboard can be fixed by leaving all of its components intact. This is done in cases where a certain chip’s connections to the motherboard become compromised. The damaged chips are removed and their connections are renewed. This method is not always successful, but it can revive dead chips sometimes.

You should keep in mind that motherboard repairs don’t always produce results. Motherboards and their circuitry are incredibly sensitive. Even the best technician cannot guarantee a perfect repair job. The most you can do is hope that it works out for you. The small chance of success doesn’t mean that you should not consider having your phone’s motherboard looked at. If there’s valuable data on your device that you want to get a hold of, then it is worth a shot.

Basically, motherboards repairs are a bit iffy. But this does not mean that you should not consider them as an option. There’s always a slight chance that you can revive a dead device or save a dying one. And if you do manage to revive your device, you can retrieve any useful data on it. Also, you could sell your repaired iPhone for some extra cash.

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