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Get DearMob to Backup and Restore Your iPhone iPad Now

DearMob iPhone Manager is a great alternative for iTunes in Windows and Mac to transfer data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a computer and or vice versa safely. If you are an iPhone iPad user there is no plug and play data transfer options like Android. DearMob iPhone Manager is extremely easy to use, has many extra features and advantages over iTunes which might be interesting for you.

The main problem with iTunes is there are too many options/limitations and the user interface is not clutter-free. If you have a big music library, syncing that with iTunes is going to be quite a hustle. Also, if you are a Windows user, you are going to face a lot of iTunes errors, like the iPhone is not showing up in iTunes or iPhone getting disconnected in between synchronization. Laptops and computers with low specifications also slow down with iTunes for its resource-hungry nature.

On the other hand, DearMob iPhone Manager has a clear interface will all the necessary options an iPhone user needs. If needed you can back up your files in two separate computers or synchronize two iPhones in one PC.


DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the best iPhone iPad media file backup tool to manage contents like photos, music, videos and books. You can also backup all your data and recover it afterwards from this single software. It is the first-ever program to do all of these with the U.S. Military-grade encryption and has support for both Mac and Windows. As soon as you connect your iPhone or iPad, DearMob iPhone Manager picks it up and there are no extra steps needed to be taken. Let us take a deeper dive to all the facilities it comes with.


iPhone iPad Backup – Content Management

The whole process of managing your important files is extremely easy in DearMob iPhone Manager. You can export images, videos, music by album or types to your computer without any limit. If you are importing anything which was not shot or recorded in your iPhone, DearMob automatically convert the file formats and optimized the quality to fit your iPhone iPad is the right way.


For Photos – 1,000 4K photos can be exported in less than 2 minutes from iPhone to computer, so when it comes to uploading many photos at once the transfer speed comes in handy. While converting file formats, you can easily convert HEIC to JPEG photos which is supported on most platforms. There is also an option to archive your album.


For Video – DearMob iPhone Manager can handle 8K footages, with conversion to MP4. If your footages are shot on the wrong dimension, it will automatically rotate the video for full-screen playback on your iPhone. Video compression is another interesting feature, which can shrink the file size up to 50% without losing any comprehensive details.


Music Management – It is a sector where DearMob iPhone Manager shines. You can effortlessly add, edit and export your music library easily and if there are any unsupported formats like OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV the software will automatically convert it to MP3 or AAC.


iBooks – iBooks in EPUB is converted to widely compatible formats like PDF, DOC, TXT. More interesting is if you want to import any audio file as a ringtone, DearMob iPhone Manager convert the file to m4r format.


Encryption – As mentioned earlier, encryption is an extremely useful feature of DearMob iPhone Manager over iCloud. From the option ‘Data Security’ you can encrypt any of your files or folders. DearMob iPhone Manager uses 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, and Argon2 encryption tech to secure your files.


Whenever needed, you can decrypt those files with the password. Do remember, if you forget the password there is no way to get your files back. The password is also used to export encryption.


Backup and Restore – Not only images, videos or music files, you can also backup and restore everything from iPhone to iPhone with no data losing. The feature is available for all the iOS applications, so even if you lose your phone, you can sync the data back with a new device.


With added features like selective manual backup and restore, encryption, multi-device backup, transfer without iTunes, DearMob iPhone Manager is an extremely useful and easy to use iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac for any iPhone, iPod or iPad user. You can use all these features to back up your files or to free up space on your iPhone. You can try the software for free, with some limitations, like transferring a certain amount of files on a daily base. After the trial, if you are interested to buy the product there are many budget options and pleasingly also on sale. If you are going to opt-in for a 1-year license, the cost will be $39.95 for a single user. For lifetime and two computers, the cost will be $47.95 and for a family licence (3-5 users) it will cost $69.95.