Home Phones Home Phones – A Better Alternative to Mobile Phones

Home Phones – A Better Alternative to Mobile Phones


What If I tell you that there is something way better than that cellphone in your hand and that these devices are more useful than cellphones, then I might just be making my way into your ‘dumb-ones’ list. However, because I am a strong believer of freedom of speech and giving an opinion, thus I believe that I should reveal about this better alternative to mobile phones and that is the good, old, conventional home phones.

Home phones seem like they are on the verge of becoming completely obsolete. With all the hype smartphones have created lately; it turns out that home phones are slowly being pushed out of the frame. Yes, there are a lot of advantages of a mobile phone, but you can simply not ignore the numerous benefits conventional home phones have. Thus, in this piece, I am going to walk you through some of the benefits as to why home phones are still a better alternative, over mobile phones. So, let’s begin:

  1. Apparently, the recent version of the smartphone that was released about a month ago, is priced at $700. That is Quite a lot when you compare it with home phones. Mediacom offers reliable phone services. It’s not like home phones don’t cost anything; it’s just, these are much affordable relative to smartphones. If you pair home phones with a good TV and internet package, then you can get a lot for a price of less. So getting to the point, home phones are what that make internet and TV packages pretty affordable.
  2. Don’t know if that’s in our heads only or cellphones do really act-up, whenever there is an emergency. This is where conventional home phones add more convenience. At the time of an emergency, when your cellphone is receiving no service or is out of power, you can use a home phone. Home phones are best when there are power outages, bad weather or any other situation. Also, another great thing about using a home phone is how easy they are for 911 operators to track, relative to mobile phones which are not that cooperative in terms of tracking at the time of an emergency.
  3. If you are planning to get a home security plan, then getting a home phone installed should be on your priority list. Home security systems consider conventional landlines as an important counterpart of their jobs. At the time of a break-in or any other emergency, home security companies use your telephone line to contact 911. Comparing this with the cellphones, that are always struggling for a better reception; security companies refrain from using mobile phones as they cause a delay.
  4. Another reason why home phones are a better alternative to mobile phones is their remarkable sound quality. Consumers across the world believe that home phones have less disruptions and excellent sound quality, which ultimately puts them on top. On the other hand, mobile phones cause far more trouble as their signals are always fluctuating. And if your house is in a remote location, then we can’t even comprehend how stressful using mobile phones become.
  5. Ever since their advent, mobile phones are notorious for adding extra weight on our shoulders, which is nothing but stressful. We often find ourselves getting distracted and wasting our time on our cellphones; while that time could be invested doing something more productive. This is where our trusted home phones come to the rescue. This means that there is no hassle of checking emails, social media notifications or text messages. Home phones are nonetheless the best way to keep ourselves connected with the ones we love, without losing the peace of our minds.
  6. Lastly, the reason that tops it all! Cellphones have the highest chances of going lost or breaking. While home phones, on the other hand, are quite durable and handy to a certain extent. For people who are quite concerned about breaking or misplacing their phones a lot, cellphones can become a major pain. So, if you want ease in your life, get a landline installed in your home and you are good to go!

So what is the Final Verdict?

One cannot simply picture themselves in a future without mobile phones. In fact, it doesn’t even look like mobile phones are planning to go anywhere so why even assume such a thing? Of course, the advantages associated with mobile phones are endless and as the technology is pacing further and further ahead, mobile phones are only becoming more integral to our everyday lives. So don’t think I am suggesting you to switch from mobile phones to home phones. Because we all know that is absurd. But what I do want you to do is to not overlook what great advantages using a home phone has. Ensuring prompt availability, remarkable connectivity, security, and endurance for a long period, home phones are one of the best ways to stay connected with your acquaintances.

You too can get a reliable landline connection for your home by choosing among the best companies in the US that are known for their top-notch home phone packages. Like I said earlier, cellphones are taking over at a rapid pace but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a landline for uncalled-for situations. Still skeptical about whether home phones would be there in the future or not? Well, let us assure you something. Conventional landlines are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Remember when I talked about how telephone lines are used by security companies? That’s the major reason why no one is planning to take landlines down.




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