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How to Locate A Phone Number Without Touching It in 2020


We live in an era where our cell phones rule our lives. It is not only an efficient mode of our communication, but an efficient tool for our entertainment. There is literally nothing that we cannot do with our cell phone.

From willingly sharing our GPS location with someone to finding dates on the click of the phone, we can do everything from a cell phone. Having stated how phones have become an inseparable accessory of our lives, it is essential to know that phones are also an active tool for spying and locating a phone.

Yes, just because a person efficiently uses his/her phone, you will have the capability of locating them or tracing their movements around. Locating number by ClickFree is certainly one of the easiest things you can expect out of a spy application.

ClickFree- The Super Spy App

Other spy applications (and there are very many), waste so much of your seconds, minutes and hours, that they take a toll on your patience. The spam messages, malware and phishing tools never end. They rip you off your time and patience.

While there are so many false claimants, ClickFree is that one genuine and superb spy application that would change your perception of spy applications. ClickFree works without you having to jailbreak or root the targeted mobile phone.

The application works seamlessly on stock Android and iOS mobile phones. Below are certainly the important features that make ClickFree stand out:

  • User-Interface

A friendly user interface is an essential component to make the most out of a spy app. ClickFree provides the most neat and concise user interface. Someone with even basic technical knowledge or operational knowhow can operate ClickFree.

  • Stealth App/ Stealth Mode

Superb and refined stealth features are incorporated in ClickFree’s very being. These features protect the anonymity of the user of ClickFree. The target mobile number wouldn’t ever know that their location is being traced.

  • No Jailbreak/ No Rooting

You wouldn’t need the target mobile device for using ClickFree. The application ensures extremely remote linkage to the spy application. This web based application doesn’t put out unnecessary rooting or jailbreaking requirements.

  • Privacy

Privacy and protection of user data and interest is undoubtedly a prime concern when trying to track someone’s location or number. Neither does ClickFree store nor seeks personal data of the user or the target number. This anonymity makes this web-based app more appealing.

  • Complete solution

ClickFree is undoubtedly a complete package of remote monitoring of a target device. From tracking the location to reading messages, it offers reliable solutions for everyone. You can see someone’s GPS location, read emails, notes, see social media, everything just on clicks.

How to Locate A Phone Number Without Touching It

Nobody will just allow you or permit you to track their phone per se. With a spy app like ClickFree, the users wouldn’t even know that their location is being tracked. The process is so remote and discreet that the user of the phone never gets to know about the tracking.

Below are the procedures explained in an array of simple steps:


Firstly, you would need to register on ClickFree’s web-based app with your email ID. This email ID would be vital for further set up information. So, be cautious that you state an email ID in ample use and an email ID that is discreet.


Post registration and sign up, you would then require choosing your plan of choice. ClickFree offers many plans with different features and highlights. You need to assess your requirements. Your purchase of a plan can be based on your assessment of your needs.

ClickFree offers many delectable packages ranging from basic to premium. Each plan has a highlight of its own. So, you need to identify what your need is and then purchase in accordance.

  • SET UP

As and when you purchase the plan, you would receive a set up link and information of the monthly plan on your email that you had used while registering. The set up procedure is simple and can be catered to within a few minutes only.


After the setup is completed, ClickFree would then ask the target platform from you. Now, if you need to locate an Android, you select ‘Android’ as the target platform. If you need to locate an iPhone, you select ‘iOS’ as the target platform.

  • iPhone

If you have selected iOS as the target platform, you need to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone user. The moment you enter the iCloud ID and password, you will attain an immediate linkage to the iPhone.

  • Android

If you have selected Android as the target platform, you need to download the app on the target Android phone. This is a non negotiable requirement with Android. Every spy app needs to be rooted through the phone for remote access.

Therefore, the App of ClickFree weighs only 2 Mb and can be downloaded immediately. After download, you can almost immediately hide the application.

Once the app is on a hidden mode all proofs of existence of the app on the phone vanish in thin air. The app will neither be visible nor detectable. Even the library of apps will not show the concerned app.

In either of the cases, ClickFree ensures a very full proof procedure of ensuring that the locating and spying can be done in a remote and discreet manner. The stealth mode further makes it extremely user friendly.


Isn’t it surprising how locating numbers by ClickFree would be the easiest things to do. This web based application has truly transformed the way people spy. Many private detectives have stopped functioning because people can do all the spying they want all by themselves.

As our phones have become inseparable, they tell more about a person than what any fortune teller or spying agent could tell. So, instead of entrusting someone else with your personal secrets, you should take the matter in your hands only!



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