Just See What Android Has Brought to You Latest

Android technology has brought about a great revolution in the realm of digital world right from its very start. Different and various versions of latest android technology have successfully showcased a revamped look and attractive features that focus more on privacy and interactivity.

The latest in this regard, Android 12, was confirmed back at Google IO 2021 in June. Refreshed notifications, better screenshot support, one-handed support and much more have already been shown off through the public beta release. Google’s Android operating system introduces Android 12 as the 2021 update built on 2020’s Android 11, which is still absent from some phones. Google assures that Android 12 is much more than just an iterative update, claiming that it is the biggest design change in Android’s history.

At the moment, some users can download Android 12 beta 3. These may include the owners of Pixel 3 or newer, Xiaomi Mi 11, OnePlus 9 and more. The recently announced Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro are expected to come with the final version of Android 12 later this year.

It is highly expected that the new Pixel phones will most likely be the first ones to ship with the latest update. Those having phones other than the Pixel ones are likely to wait a bit longer. This is because each company likes to ensure that the latest android version works with its existing phones as well. However, it is entirely up to device manufacturers to bring Android 12 to your phone. Naturally, they require months to do so. That is why you must never be surprised if your handset is not able to update itself to Android 12 until 2022.

Speaking of the compatibility of Android 12, it is sure to hit every modern Pixel handset, from the Pixel 3 onward to the new Pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro. However, pixel 3 and 4a models are required to support the beta release to remain compatible with Android 12. The following is the list of mobile handsets that are expected to get the finished Android 12 later this year. They are also likely to get it real quick as well.

It is worth mentioning that the latest Android technology has greatly helped the mobile manufacturers and app developers to facilitate their users more and more. One of the major objectives of Android technology and smart phones is to provide the best possible entertainment to their holders. It has become easily possible to join different online classes to learn different entertainment skills such as painting, cooking, playing music, decorating your home, etc. A lot of people from all age groups are learning online different musical instruments such as piano with the help of a piano learning app, etc.

Availing the above said latest Android technology so far, there are many companies such as Skoove, etc. which are using powerful in-app Al integrations to make it all the more convenient for their clients. These integrations allow the app to listen to you playing your musical instrument such as the piano, etc. and give you feedback according to your opportunity areas. This is remarkable and made possible only through the latest android versions.

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