Killing The Boredom: 4 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Mobile Phones During The Crisis

Our schedules have been messed up due to the sudden presence of a particular virus named Covid-19; this virus is seriously deadly, which came from Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province, and later on, hastily infects other countries. This outbreak puts us in a stagnant position for a little while, pushing us to find something that will entertain us during the crisis.

In moments like this, we’ve come to realize that mobile phones are one of our amigos; it contributes a lot of things that keep us entertained most of the time, how much more during this crisis, right? A mobile phone is our only pal that will halt us from going outside to keep us safe and away from the infected ones. You might have missed some crucial details your phone can offer, but do not worry because you will finally discover all of it during your break. Below are some suggested entertaining stuff you can do with your mobile phones

Watch Movies

I knew all along that you’ve wanted to watch your favorite film, but sad to say you’re busted with your busy schedules. Today, You can now lay in bed without counting how much time you’ve wasted or getting bothered with the things related to your work because you’ve got all the time to binge-watch your favorite shows.

There are hundreds of platforms that allow you to stream and download movies free and safe from any viruses that might harm your mobile device. One example that is very known to the public right now is Netflix; you can stream and download films offline as many as you want as long as you pay the plan. You can choose plans intended for one person or the whole family. What you have to do is download the app, pay the bill for the entire month, and then you can now access the latest movies and TV shows.

Listen To Music

A lot of people can’t live without music; they always love to put their earphones on because it enables them to breathe, and it pushes their soul to keep going. Gladly, it is now easy to download music and listen to your favorite singers all day long with the help of your mobile phones. You can also sing or have a dance with your loved ones by connecting your mobile phone to any Bluetooth devices.

Read Books

I know all along that a voracious reader like you is itching to read books; however, you just can’t find the best time to read all of your favorite books due to your busy schedules. I guess now is the perfect time to start your unfinished business. But since you are required to stay at home, you can download a book application to have your own mini-library even when you are in the middle of the crisis. You now have your secret paradise; keep searching the best books, buddy!

Play Games

Many people today are not allowed to go outside to stop the spreading of the deadly virus; this predicament pushes us to spend more time with our phones. One of the best things we can do today is search for games online that are truly fun and enjoyable to play. We can download online and offline games for free in Google Play or the Apple Store. Keep finding the best ones!


This plague puts all of us in a tough situation; however, it gives us light to us that our mobile phones are our comrade and not a foe. Let’s be vigilant through accumulating information about what’s happening to the world through our mobile phones. Let’s make use of the technology we have in our hands wisely as much as possible.

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