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Quickly build a quiz application at home using App Institute


If you’re planning on making a quiz app from scratch, with any sort of coding involved, good for you. But know this: it’s far from essential. You can save half your time and resources by simply using a quiz app developer to produce virtually the exact same product, the no-fuss way.

On App Institute, you can create a quiz app – the entire thing – in a matter of minutes. If you’re keen to produce a high-quality quiz as quickly as possible, you’ll definitely be able to with this tool.

Quizzes for Android and iOS

App Institute allows you to make quiz apps for both iOS and Android, so there’s no need to debate between the two. You can reach your biggest audience without the hassle of making your quiz compatible for the users of both operating systems, because all that boring technical stuff is handled for you.

Using the tool’s drag-and-drop quiz app builder, you can have fun making your quiz app, whether you’re producing it for a specific reason, like to test your subject knowledge before an exam, or simply to entertain users with general trivia questions.

Reach People Around the World

The great thing about quiz app makers like this one is that you can use them to reach an audience from all over the world. It’s thought that 4.57 billion people use the internet today, which is more than ten times the current US population – just think how many people you could reach with your app! You can easily put your multiple choice quiz straight into the palm of your users’ hands. All they have to do is download the app.

You could just write your quiz on paper… but it’s unlikely that you’d manage to spread it far and wide, and once it’s done, it’s done. Making a quiz app, on the other hand, allows you to update your quiz whenever you fancy with new questions and answers. This means your app is always going to provide value and enjoyment for your users – or it will do for as long as you continue to update it.

Make Quizzes for Educational Use

You can even create a quiz app if you need to test or survey your peers with multiple choice answers for school or work. You could have your users share your results with you, and as it’s all online, you don’t have the risk of losing their answers, nor are you wasting paper!

When it comes to topics and categories, the sky’s the limit. App institute’s quiz templates allow you to add as many categories as you fancy, thanks to its tiered tab system. You just need to create your quiz and drag it into the tier, no extra coding or entire-app amendments required. You can also change your quiz’s difficulty level based on your intended audience.

Ultimately, using a quiz app making tool to make your own quizzes will save you endless time. It’s easy, quick, and fun – and the best bit, of course, is getting to see your finished product.



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