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Refurbished Smartphone – Why and How to Buy Second Hand Mobile Devices


The usage of smartphones is increasing with evolving technology. People are constantly tapping mobile phone screens as they shop or dine. This is because the tiny device is a go-to resource for everyone when they need to gain information from the internet. The pocket-friendly device even keeps them connected 24/7/365 to their friends and family from everywhere.

Shopping for a smartphone is a challenge with the galore of options made available. Apple and Android are dominating the smartphone market. If you are considering an iPhone then the latest edition can be extremely costly. However, you can choose to look around for refurbished iPhone devices on a reliable online platform like The Big Phone Store in England.

What is a refurbished smartphone?

Refurbished smartphones can also be called second-hand or pre-owned android or iPhones. The returned phones are repaired for resale. These phones will not have their original packing and may not include every accessory you obtain with new mobile devices.

Buying a refurbished device is a good and eco-friendly decision because –

  • Plenty of special material goes into designing more advanced mobiles. For example, iPhone6 released 57% more CO2 than iPhone 4S. It means lots of CO2 emissions are released, which can add to pollution, climate change, and other natural world disruptions.
  • Resources like neodymium, dysprosium, and terbium are non-renewable, so these metals can vanish. Out of the 17 Earth metals classified as rare 16 are used in designing an average smartphone!
  • The lifecycle of mobile phone technology is short, so the majority of outdated smartphones end in landfills. The majority of electronic waste is toxic polluting the air, soil, and water if improperly disposed of.

Thus, waste contribution level and carbon footprint can be reduced by buying refurbished smartphones. Besides, a second phone is less costly!

What to expect from refurbished devices?

A reliable distributor will clean the device and thoroughly test it to ensure that it works perfectly. Unlike the new model, buying a second-hand device means it has a previous owner, there is no original packing, and the price is cheap. There may be cosmetic errors, but are defined clearly in the grading system.

  • New open box – It means the device is in new cosmetic condition along with its branded package.
  • New no box – The phone is in new condition without a box.
  • Pristine – Ideal cosmetic condition and works excellently.
  • Very Good – Good look with little visible signs of wear & tear.
  • Good – Works great but more signs of physical wear & tear.
  • Grade C – The screen is intact, the phone works fine but wear and tear signs are prominent. Grade C devices are the cheapest.

A reputable seller always has a consistent and clear grading system. There are loads of people selling second-hand devices at good rates, but make sure to pay for quality. There are a few factors to consider when you shop for a refurbished device.

  • Ensure that the refurbished handset is restored to factory settings. This ensures that you can adjust it to your preference. If there are some details within the device then it is not thoroughly refurbished.
  • Check battery and charger because the improper accessory can damage the handset.
  • Check for an extended warranty.

Buy refurbished smartphones from reputed manufacturer because they can offer precise details of their previous owner, if necessary!



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