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Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Activities on Mobile


In this age and date of technological advancement and internet exposure, the need to protect your child from online theft and harassment has become more and more important. With the advent of smart mobile phones in every kid’s hand, there are a variety of ways they are exposed; by sharing pictures, accessing the world wide web, texting, and many more ways. Many applications that help people keep check on the activity of their children like Spy Phone App are very important in today’s world and let us explain how.

With the increased exposure, the chances of them getting in touch with a predator have also increased manifolds. From hackers to bullies to sexual predators, there is a wide variety of populations that can harm using the trusting and naïve nature of the children, making it even more important for parents to hold control.

Apart from educating them about the vulnerabilities and dangers that accompany the use of the internet, the only other way to make sure that your children are looked after is looking after them yourself.

To help you with that there are apps like a spy phone app that will let you know if there is some malicious source targeting or luring your kids into sharing sensitive information, identity theft, harassment, sexual exploitation, or even fraudulent money gains.

To tell why exactly it is important to monitor and map your child’s activity online, here are all the specific reasons to supervise:

1. Internet anonymity access

Thanks to the unrecognizable unverified usernames that the internet comes with it is an alarming consideration of whom your child can be talking to. With the online mask, even the behavior of your child changes contrary to their offline working.

Due to this anonymity, on many social platforms, children tend to engage in abusive and violent acts online themselves along with being targets for pedophiles, and other cyber masterminds to don the mask of someone they are not.

An adult eye on the interactions of your child online is very important to make sure that your child is not being manipulated by his friends online.

2. Prevent leaking private information

Social media serving as the new playground, children share a lot of personal information with the people online to find a common ground for talking. This may include their current location, their photographs, the school they have attended, their present address, their full names, along with the general likes and dislikes.

It is very simple in today’s world to dig up the world of someone just by keenly surfing through their social media pages. This endangers your child as this information is visible to anyone and everyone.

One of the simple ways to avoid this is education on how this can prove to be a dangerous step, but if you want to be more sure, apps like spy phone app allow you to monitor and even put a stop on the information shared with the contacts online.

3. Protection of public image

With the world leaning more and more on the technology, your image online is as important as in front of your peers and family. Job interviews and even admission interviews in colleges and ivy league schools now come with a social media sweep to understand the personality of the student.

It is therefore important to make sure that the profile of your child is not affected by some misguided unsightly image that can prove to be a problem in the future.

4. Child predators and pedophiles

One of the easiest ways to track a child or a teenager in today’s world is through their online account, and people have started to understand this. A brilliant tool for child predators, it is easy to lure kids at this age of gullibility and then entice them into the dark world of child slavery and sexual exploitation.

With the thriving market with a labyrinth of connections, the only way to protect your child from such intrusions in their lives is to keep a track of their interactions with people and their activities online.

5. A check on dangerous activities

Parental control on the internet is becoming more and more of a necessity as the danger is just eating away right under your nose. By keeping an alert on the dangerous activity, apps like spy app on the phone can send you alerts if your child engages in any dangerous activity or even visit shady sides.

Now some people may have concerns about the privacy of their young adults and others might be finding it difficult to deal with the fights with their teenagers, however, it is important to keep a check on the conversations to help you prevent a disaster before it is too late to intervene.

6. Sexting

One of the hottest conditions of being in relationships today includes the sharing of nude or semi-nude attractive pictures of yourself with your girlfriend or boyfriends. Keeping aside its risk for the adults, the children are at a higher risk of targeting for such activities. People that they meet online, can coax them into the ‘sexting’ or even webcam sessions which can prove very dangerous for your child’s mental health and even their privacy.

It is therefore extremely important that parents keep track of what their kids talk about and with whom. It is very important and your duty as a parent to make sure that your child is not manipulated into something that they would regret later and checking apps like spy app online can help you maintain this check.

7. Cyberbullying

Another one of the major crimes that little children are burdened with is online harassment and bullying. These twisted individuals work to convince your child that they are not good enough and it wouldn’t make a difference if they told you and many cases of online bullying thus go unreported.

To make sure that your child doesn’t have to suffer this emotional turmoil it is important to keep a check on their activities and interactions online to help address and resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

8. Identity theft

With an increase in the personal information put up online, it is very important that a check on the level of personal details that children share with their online peers. With identity thieves lurking in the online world your children can end up trusting someone and unwittingly share personal information that can jeopardize not just them but can also affect you.

9. Viruses and information reading malware

With the wide world of the world wide web, it is important to recognize sites and downloads that can end up wrecking your desktop and steal or monitor your information. Wrapped up in offers that children naively don’t question can contain harmful effects for your child.

It is important to monitor the truthfulness of the sites or the worthiness before any purchase before you let your kids operate them. Apps like spy app can provide you a firewall for the harmful malware which may affect your system.

10. Avoiding excessive screen-time

Though not as big a problem as the others we noted, the fight to maintain the limit on-screen time has become more important with the lean towards technology. Child monitoring will enable you not only to what they are doing online but also their duration of stay. This will keep a check on their safety online along with the safety of their eyes.


The innocence of children is one of their most beautiful qualities and it is important that we do not let the internet rob them off. To protect them and to make sure that they understand the difference between good and bad exposure it is vital that you are aware of their online presence and are there to help them through such problems if it ever arises.



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