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Top 9 Best ProofHQ Alternatives for Seamless in 2022

Best 9 ProofHQ alternative for seamless will be discussed in this post. Let’s take a litte glance at each of these programmes to determine which one is the best online proofreading software for you.

Top 9 Best ProofHQ Alternatives for Seamless in 2022.

Top 9 best ProofHQ alternatives are described here.



Oroson is the first tool on our list, as you can see.

What is the rationale for this?

Being a member of a team that has to share a lot of content among its members can be aggravating, especially when you have to deliver content and receive comments on time.

That’s before we get into all of the potential misunderstandings this could cause, particularly among remote teams. Also check Best video editing software

What if there was a straightforward solution that allowed creative teams to interact efficiently, deliver content in any shape or format, and receive timely feedback? You’re in luck, because Oroson does precisely that! It’s a simple collaboration tool that allows teams to work more efficiently and focus on topics that are important to them.

Who is it intended for?

Oroson is designed for professionals like marketers and designers who want to: • Stay on top of their projects without wasting time • Communicate with their team members in real time • Send and receive a variety of file kinds • Send and get feedback with ease

Let’s have a glimpse at the unique features and capabilities of our product. One of the most appealing aspects of Oroson is that the content it supports is truly limitless.

File sharing has never been easier, whether it’s an MP4 video file, a PDF document, or even an HTML5 banner.

Not to mention that their size is unrestricted. Aside from that, feedback will be as detailed and specific as possible! Team members can utilise the Pinpoint function to add a pinpoint to any piece of material, even if they desire to pause a video, add the pinpoint to a frame, and then resume watching it. If anything appears to be overly simple, that is because it is.

Gone are the days when several emails were sent back and forth with no indication of significance, resulting in a jumbled inbox. Notifications are a feature that overcomes this problem because team members are promptly notified whenever new content is posted. This adds much-needed automation to the process, which saves time.

To achieve your deadline, there’s no need to manually notify the team or send emails to everyone. This allows both users more flexibility and prevents them from overlooking a file they need to analyse or a sketch they need to improve, for example.

Another important element of Oroson is the number of projects that may be added, as well as the number of employees that are working on them.

Most SaaS programmes, including superb project management software, impose a restriction on these numbers and only provide an increase to users willing to pay a little fee. We feel that providing an infinite number of users and projects from the start provides a level of flexibility that all creative and marketing teams desire. That is exactly what we do since that is our belief. Now let’s have a look at Oroson’s many pricing options.


When it comes to cost, we provide three options, so you may pick the one that best fits your needs.

As you can see, they all come with a number of key capabilities, including: • Unlimited contributors • Unlimited projects • Unlimited integrations

Of course, notifications, annotations, conversations, comments, and complete archiving are all included in every plan because we know how important they are to a team.

The amount of storage space available and the number of objects that may be added are what distinguish each price plan.

To be more specific, the Starter Plan comes with 50GB of storage and 1000 items to work on. The Pro Plan provides 125GB of storage and the ability to work on up to 2200 items. As you might expect, the Business Plan has the greatest storage and objects, making it ideal for enterprises with a large crew and hence more needs. As a result, it comes with 250GB of storage and 5000 items for them to work on together.

We’ve worked hard to make sure the above pricing plans cover the needs of both small and large teams, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. If you’re part of one of these groups, feel free to go over our pricing options and get in communication with us if you have any questions.

Now we’ll move on to the second tool we’ve prepared for you.

2. Ziflow


Many large corporations around the world utilise Ziflow as a proofreading tool.

It helps teams to stay engaged in real time and on top of their projects, making communication and review a breeze.

Doesn’t it sound great?

Let’s take a more immediate look at this tool and who it’s most suited for.

Who is it intended for?

By automating online review processes, Ziflow can help teams from a range of backgrounds operate more efficiently, increasing productivity and saving time.

Naturally, there are no restrictions on who can use it.

After all, who doesn’t want a tool that makes life easier?

Ziflow provides customised solutions and tools for each type of business.

It’s designed for teams of all sizes and serves as a wonderful proofing tool for both creative and communication objectives, as well as brand consistency.


Ziflow has a wide range of applications.

The types of files it supports is one of its best features.

This programme provides outstanding capability and versatility for teams, from Microsoft Office to PNG and PDF files.

In addition, the automation of the entire review and approval process is a critical element.

Anyone who has worked on a marketing or creative team understands the importance of sending and reviewing content.

It necessitates team coordination in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

That is exactly what Ziflow’s automated approach accomplishes.

Not to mention the numerous integration possibilities it offers.

On a daily basis, modern professionals employ a number of technologies for job administration, communication, file sharing, and other tasks.

Ziflow is a proofreading tool that can be easily coupled with third-party programmes like Slack, Google Drive, Asana, and Dropbox, allowing users to improve workflows and have more flexibility than ever before.

Let’s have a look at the costs now.


Ziflow, like Oroson, has three pricing levels for users to choose from.

Naturally, the Basic Plan is the most affordable and has the fewest features, making it ideal for small teams on a tight budget.

Images, documents, movies, audio files, and URL snapshots are among the file formats that can be reviewed and approved.

There’s also evidence comparison and version control.

The Starter Plan provides everything in the basic plan plus HTML5 and rich media file review, branding choices, and 10GB of storage per user, compared to 5GB in the basic plan.

Finally, the Business Plan includes everything we’ve discussed so far, plus the ability to combine files, insights, mentions, and connections with other apps.

There’s also an Enterprise Plan for which you’ll need to contact their sales staff for additional details.

Overall, Ziflow is an excellent proofreading tool for teams that need to quickly evaluate and approve a variety of file types.

Now let’s move-on to the next item on our to-do list.

3. Miro


Miro, the third item on our list, is a flexible collaboration programme that allows teams to efficiently connect.

It’s an excellent choice for remote teams because it provides them with online tools to keep track of their tasks. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Who is it intended for?

It’s ideal for remote teams, as we just mentioned, and its features may be used by a variety of people. Sales • UX • Project management • Product • Development are some examples of these teams.

What are some of the characteristics that teams can employ to achieve their objectives?


Miro is a fantastic tool for users, with a large range of customizable options.

Miro is capable of a wide range of tasks, including online meetings, research and design, as well as visually charting and planning next actions.

The online whiteboard is a great feature that team members may use to plan and discuss their progress, as well as do some brainstorming!

Miro has ten million users, according to the website, and it appears that they have excellent cause to do so.

Let’s have a look at how much the tool costs.


Three basic price levels are available, as well as an additional enterprise package for custom pricing.

Miro appears to have a significant advantage in that it offers a free subscription with an infinite number of users but limited features.

Unlimited whiteboards, custom templates, Asana integration, & remote meeting toolkits are all included in the Team Plan.

All of the aforementioned is included in the Business Plan, as well as SSO and external editors.

Let’s move-on to the next item on our checklist.

4. Filestage


When it comes to online collaboration software, FileStage is another popular proofing tool.

It’s evident that consumers will find it useful, particularly creative teams and marketers looking for a solution to automate key portions of their job and speed up the feedback and approval procedures. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Who is it intended for?

As previously stated, Filestage can be quite beneficial to creative and marketing teams.

Those teams can, of course, work in a range of industries, including biotechnology, marketing agencies, huge corporations, and many more.

It’s also appropriate for teams working remotely or in video production.

Let’s move on to the features of the tool.


Filestage appears to give plenty of features to teams, which is usually what makes or breaks a fantastic solution.

It appears to have all of the standard capabilities that any alternative tool would have, such as commenting on multiple files, real-time collaboration, an approval system, and so on.

The opportunity for clients to remark without registering is intriguing, as it simplifies and expedites connection with them.

You may also utilise the mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be combined with other apps like Slack and Trello.


Filestage’s pricing is straightforward and straightforward.

Starter and Pro are the two basic plans.

When it comes to the number of active projects, support, and project templates, Pro clearly outperforms Starter.

Both have the same maximum number of team members and storage. If you have more requirements, you can inquire about the Enterprise plan and receive a customised price plan.

Filestage also has a trial and demo option, which allows users to try out a subscription plan for seven days for free.

Simply choose the plan you’d like to try out, input your work email address, and you’re done! Isn’t it a piece of cake?

We’ll move on to the next ProofHQ substitute on our list.

5. Goproof


We have a fourth ProofHQ alternative for you: GoProof.

It bills itself as “the ideal online proofing software and collaboration platform for creative design and marketing teams,” and it’s a popular tool among professionals. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Oppolis Cloud includes the technology, which is suitable for Adobe Creative Cloud teams.

Who is it intended for?

GoProof is a tool that is typically used by marketing and creative design teams.

The ability to evaluate and markup on Adobe Creative Cloud demonstrates that it is a tool for creatives to work on and complete tasks more quickly and easily.


You can utilise GoProof’s own extension for Adobe programmes to share and receive feedback on your work.

On its mobile app, which is accessible for Android and iOS, you may transfer an infinite amount of content and communicate more quickly.

Deep Adobe InCopy & InDesign workflows, as well as unique automated proofing procedures, are among the other features.

It appears to be a fantastic tool for Adobe fans!

Take a peek at GoProof’s pricing structure.


More pricing info can be discovered on the company’s website or on review sites such as Capterra or GetApp.

Now it’s time to move-on to the next tool on our list.

6. ProofHub


The sixth tool in our list of the top ProofHQ alternatives is ProofHub.

Proofhub’s attractive website provides consumers with comprehensive information about the company’s services and how they may help creative teams communicate more efficiently. Also check SAP alternatives

It promotes itself simply by stating that it offers “all the tools you need under one roof” and “no per user fee,” making pricing simple with fixed-price plans.

Who is it intended for?

Proofhub and its work management solutions can help teams of all shapes and sizes.

Once again, the homepage specifies who is permitted to use the tool. Managers, team members, and clients will benefit from it.

Each party can have their own roles and work lists while engaging with one another through conversations and debates to stay on the same page.


Proofhub has capabilities that meet all part of a team’s needs, whether it’s planning, collaborating, communicating, or delivering projects on schedule.

Organizing work, setting deadlines, and exchanging important information with your colleagues appear to be simple and straightforward.

Proofing, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, timesheets, & the ability to choose between more than six languages for the UI are all important features. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Integration with other apps should, of course, be included in the list of features.

The choices are unlimited, from Google Drive and Calendar to DropBox and many more cloud-based programmes.

Let’s have a look at how much the tool costs.


Proofhub has two distinct pricing options, as seen below.

Up to 40 projects, unlimited users, 15GB of storage, and the tool’s essential capabilities are included in the Essential Plan.

The Ultimate Control Plan includes unlimited projects and users, 100GB of storage, all of the main capabilities, and a few extras that may be useful for teams.

Aside from the possibility of a free trial, the company also provides a significant discount to non-profits.

Simply click on the “Start your Free trial” button under the price plans to sign up for a free trial. After that, you simply fill out the form that appears and you will be given a 14-day trial.

Simply click the “non-profits” hyperlink under the free trial button to get the non-profit discount. You’ll have to write the company an email explaining your non-profit and wait for them to qualify you for a 35% discount on the Ultimate Control Plan.

Overall, Proofhub appears to be a good tool for teams to use.

We’ll now move on to our next ProofHQ alternative.

7. PageProof


Another online application that attempts to help teams get the most out of proofing is PageProof.

Who is it intended for?

The application is designed for creative and marketing teams in a variety of industries that want to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

PageProof has all of the expected capabilities, such as content changes, workflows, and dashboards.

What’s intriguing is the tight integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, which will appeal to all designers and editors, as well as the emphasis on security. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Many more integrations are available, as shown in the graphic above.

Asana, Microsoft Teams, and a slew of other award-winning technologies are all designed to make your job easier and more efficient.


The PageProof pricing plans are listed below.

Members of the Reviewer Plan can evaluate, annotate, and send proofs for free.

Unlimited users, proofs, reviewers, and storage are included with the Team Plan, as well as connectors with third-party apps and a live training session with a follow-up call.

Now it’s time to move-on to the next tool on our list.

8. GoVisually


“GoVisually is the simplest online proofing programme to collect comments & sign-off on designs & videos,” according to the website.

It makes it easier for teams to share designs and communicate more effectively, as well as streamline content review and approval.

Who is it intended for?

Designers, creative agencies, and marketing teams appear to be the majority of GoVisually’s users.

Of course, there are no restrictions on who can benefit from such a technology, which is why so many large and well-established businesses choose to use it.


In a nutshell, the technology enables users to transmit files and videos, receive feedback, and receive approval from their client or reviewer in seconds.

Clients will find the software to be very user-friendly, and exchanging ideas with the designers or editors will be simple.

The underlying premise is, of course, team collaboration, which is exactly what we do at Orson.

Discussing, mentioning, and critiquing the work of your fellow team members is an important component of using such a collaboration platform.


As you can witness in the table below, pricing is quite straightforward and precise.

A Solo Plan is designed for a single user with a restricted number of projects, as the name implies. Also check Software Tools For Linux

The Team Plan gives teams 1000 projects and access to all of the tool’s features, as well as 24/7 support.

Overall, GoVisually is a fantastic and economical tool for everyone to use.

We’ll now move on to the last tool we’ll show you.

9. Hightail


Another excellent collaboration platform for artistic work is Hightail. It helps users to share data with one another, keep organised, and fulfil deadlines. This is another ProofHQ Alternatives.

Who is it intended for?

Any professional who believes they can profit from the tool can utilise it, regardless of their skill in marketing, design, sales, or a variety of other fields.


The following are some of Hightail’s core features: • File sharing • Creative collaboration

Of course, it may be combined with a variety of other products, like Adobe Creative Cloud and Outlook, as a digital asset management tool.

These capabilities allow users to proof on the fly and communicate with others working on the project quickly.

Let’s have a look at how much the tool costs.


Here’s a quick rundown of Hightail’s pricing:

Of course, there is a free, or Lite, plan with some limits, but it can still be useful for many teams.

The Business Plan, on the other side, includes all of the basic services as well as limitless storage capacity and a dedicated customer support team.

Hightail is a decent collaboration tool that we recommend giving a shot.

Let’s bring this to a close with a few closing thoughts.

Looking for an alternative to ProofHQ?

That is all there is to it.

You now have a more suitable understanding of the finest ProofHQ alternatives for online proofing and approval.

If you’re looking for a ProofHQ alternative for any reason, we recommend giving Oroson a try.

Our online proofreading and approval software will assist you in streamlining your review and approval process and ensuring that you always deliver on time.

Simply request a free trial, and we’ll be happy to show you how Oroson can help creative teams enhance their productivity and processes.

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