10 Best Referral Marketing Software & Tools In 2022

referral marketing software

This post will explain referral marketing software. You have surely heard of referral marketing software in your quest to grow your business and win over loyal clients. You must use a referral marketing tool of some sort in order to develop the best marketing strategies possible for your content and products.

We’ll see today why referral marketing can be quite successful and is a great way to spread the word about your business.

10 Best Referral Marketing Software & Tools In 2022

In this article, You can know about referral marketing software here are the details below;

One of your marketing toolkit’s most effective strategies for increasing conversion rates and revenue is referral marketing. You can’t afford to ignore that market, since more than 80% of Americans look to their social networks for recommendations on a variety of products.

Referral marketing is a low-cost strategy for getting your current consumers involved, motivating them to spread the word about your business and bring in new, devoted clients. In addition to customers, affiliates, influencers, and other sorts of brand advocates can participate in referral marketing campaigns.

Referral Marketing Software Buyers Guide

The size of your company, its priorities, and the sector it operates in will all have an impact on your decision regarding the finest referral marketing software.

Finding the right software also does not have a one-size-fits-all answer, and it could take a few trial runs to get the best one! But in order to help you along the way, here is a buyer’s guide.

Why do you need an automatic referral system?

You can increase user referrals at every level of the referral funnel with straightforward A/B testing. To determine what encourages the most sharing and conversions, experiment with different offers, inventiveness, and messages. It is simple to produce variants, track increases for all of your key performance measurements, and quickly pivot when a champion is found when you have a strong referral tracking system.

What benefits come from utilising referral marketing software?

Here are 10 of the greatest referral marketing tools to get you started now that you are aware of the importance of recommendations to your company.

1. Scaleo

Scaleo is a fully-managed referral trade software that tracks, analyses, and optimises your affiliate marketing business and referral marketing campaigns in real-time using cutting-edge AI technology. By reducing fraudulent traffic and concentrating on quality conversions, it can assist you in determining the optimal time for your campaigns to convert and traffic source optimization. Networks, companies, and media purchasers can use it. Nearly countless third-party solutions can be combined with Scaleo. This is another referral marketing software. Also check file sharing software

2. MentionMe

Utilizing our intuitive platform, you can manage, test, and improve your referral campaigns while driving referrals across the customer journey, rewarding referrals, monitoring referrals, and seamlessly integrating into your tech stack for even higher success. An affiliate referral software called MentionMe enables you to take action on your insights:

3. InviteReferrals

What is social media referral marketing software? Your client likes your product and tells his friends about it. His friends accept the invitation, and more people come to your website. Every part of the programme is tracked by the InviteReferrals software, including shares, clicks, and referral conversions (registration, sales, or mobile application installs). The referrer may receive payment for sharing or acquiring registrations, sales, or mobile app instals, among other things. Even better, you may use two-way gratification, which rewards both the referrer and the buddy for a transaction that is successful. This is another referral marketing software.

4. FriendBuy

Using the help of short pieces of code, you can easily and rapidly create your referral programme with Friendbuy, a well-liked referral marketing tool.

The mobile-friendly Friendbuy widget designs are made to promote and simplify sharing. Anywhere on your website or mobile app can enable referrals.

It automates the distribution of various kinds of rewards, including gift cards, loyalty points, account credit, and coupon coupons. Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms for fraud detection and flexible incentive criteria, it scrutinises each purchase to assure outstanding award eligibility.

In complement to giving you the possibility to write original emails, FriendBuy offers email templates to assist you in getting the most out of an automated programme. To help you engage with customers and prospects more effectively, you may easily develop event-based triggers and reports. At every point of the referral funnel, performance may be observed in real time.

5. 8b.io

A new link in the bio tool called 8b.io allows you to add a lot of links to one page. It offers a simple method for users to curate the content they post on social media and turn their followers into subscribers or buyers. You can change the page layout, profile pictures, and animation backgrounds on 8b.io pages. This is another referral marketing software. Also check Courier Management Software

You can modify the name of your subdomain and get a free QR code at the same time. With the premium subscription, you can make an unlimited number of links on up to five pages for a full year. With the Premium subscription, the user has access to all styles and backgrounds, can link a personal domain, add a “Blue badge” to their profile, and remove the 8b.io logo.

6. Wix

Most likely, one of those terrible YouTube videos that you can now repeat in your sleep introduced you to Wix. However, it’s a helpful tool for affiliates to create landers. Wix is simple enough for your grandma to pick up in under a week, uses AI to save you the bother of choosing the right template, and is free (you only pay for the hosting solution).

7. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

The Google Ads feature known as Keyword Planner performs precisely what its name implies: it assists you in selecting the most appropriate keywords for your advertisement. It helps you to optimise your term, which you will subsequently use for your affiliate or referral campaign, even though it isn’t an affiliate referral software in the traditional meaning of the word. Your search is over if you’re seeking for the best affiliate marketing platform to pair with Google Ads. Anytime soon, things won’t get any better than this. This is another referral marketing software.

No subject how much research you do or how precise your keyword selection, conversions must always be your first priority. Conversions equate to revenue.

8. OptinMonster

The most effective lead generation and conversion optimization tool for bloggers, eCommerce websites, marketing firms, and small businesses of all kinds is OptinMonster. A few effective targeting technologies include Exit Intent® technology, InactivtySensor, Signature MonsterLink 2-Step Optin technology, time on site, particular items or pages, location, onsite re-targeting, referrer monitoring, and historical campaign activity. By turning abandoned visitors into subscribers, you may swiftly grow your email list using tools like pop-ups, scroll boxes, welcome mats, and other advertising techniques.

9. AI referral

Referral-AI examines the whole network of relationships within your company to produce high-quality referrals to important clients, partners, investors, and top prospects. Referral-AI uses sophisticated analysis and patent-pending machine-learning technology to continuously monitor the Internet, uncovering significant connections and mapping the best routes to any person or entity. This is another referral marketing software.

Utilizing motivated recommendations from coworkers, partners, investors, and board members, Referral-AI enables users to connect with key targets and decision-makers. Motivated referrals have an intrinsic desire to help out by making a considerate advice.

Referral management enables users to control their network of motivated referrals. Users can control any motivated referrals that Referral-AI identifies as well as provide a list of people who will serve as motivated recommendations on their behalf. Also check software companies in washington dc

10. ShareASale

To help you start, develop, and manage your Affiliate programme, ShareASale Client Services offers a number of integrated services. Over the past 20 years, ShareASale has expanded its network by fostering relationships, using cutting-edge technology, and assisting publishers and merchants in maximising their potential in the affiliate marketing industry. Maintain constant awareness of the affiliate partner activities, programme diagnostics, and performance data for your programme. Use our platform and wide-ranging partner network to diversify the revenue streams for your online business. This is another referral marketing software.

Referral Program Software

Do you own a business where you offer discounts to clients who recommend you to others? Do you need straightforward software to manage your referral programme? Scaleo is the greatest referral programme software for boosting client loyalty.

The goal of the referral programme software is to make your consumers genuinely pleased while assisting you in managing a successful referral marketing campaign. Because of this, we developed our own software, which is feature-rich and simple to use. You can do it all from one convenient location, whether you want to give your customers money or goods as rewards. You have all you need to make the most of a referral marketing campaign with our referral programme software.

Any company that wishes to run a successful referral programme must have the referral programme software. The creation and updating of campaigns and codes always requires labour, and this process would not be possible without software. This is another referral marketing software.

The referral programme software offers organisations an effective platform for managing their referral marketing campaigns and is the perfect solution for launching referral programmes. You can manage your program’s design, implementation, and management with the help of its many built-in capabilities, which also include referral tracking.

Even if you run a small company, you should make the most of your current clientele by including a referral bonus in your loyalty programme. A reward (either money or store credits) will be given to them for each new client they send your way, which will, among other things, boost client engagement.

10 free referral software

Are you seeking for referral software that is free for your company? Check out our inventory of the top free referral monitoring tools so you can immediately add one to your website. Some of them are as follows:

  1. AffliateShop
  2. ClickInc
  3. eLitius
  4. HitPath
  5. MPA3
  6. MyAP
  7. NATS
  8. PHPAffiliate 8. (free referral tracking system for PayPal)
  9. The ShareResults software
  10. QualityClick


Your decision from the aforementioned list of referral marketing software tools will depend on the size of your business and the objectives you have for developing a successful referral programme. Referral marketing software for e-commerce firms, small businesses, sales teams, agencies, and marketers can be found on this list. These resources will support the expansion of startups, small enterprises, and independent entrepreneurs.

Regardless, once you choose the right tools from the list above, managing staff and customer campaigns ought to be simpler.

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