Home SEO ✅100 Free Web Directories List for Building Backlinks Instant Approval 2019

✅100 Free Web Directories List for Building Backlinks Instant Approval 2019

Finding Free Backlinks Is Not as Straightforward as It Appears

Backlinks are extremely beneficial for driving visitors to your site, so after launch this site and submitting it to be indexed by Google and Bing, the very first thing I chose to do is to submit a hyperlink to CreateYourWebsites.com for as many free site directories as you can in a bid to acquire more backlinks. This demanded that I take out a hunt for the very best site directories that will serve my purpose.

Began using a Google search and immediately discovered that many “100” or “Best Directories” lists comprised outdated information, had several broken links or were guiding users to directories in which they needed to cover to submit a hyperlink. I found that it requires a great deal of time and attempt to locate sites where you can submit a link free of charge; consequently, I decided to compile a record of my customs to spare others the hassle and time involved in locating free site directories.


The Importance of Backlinks

Link building is an essential activity of SEO and that you to grow the power of your site. So here I have recorded Instant approval directory entry sites are also known as quick approval directory websites which is 1 sort of action of off-page. Where websites get approved immediately when you submit websites with all the necessary information. The majority of the people aren’t aware of those directory submission websites that are free of charge and give free backlinks and nearly all of the instantaneous approval directory sites give do follow hyperlinks to your site.


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Links Catalog increase your domain authority for a higher rank on search engines.
Free Web Directory is an online catalog of websites arrange by categories.


Web Directory Submission

Web directory submission is among the earliest strategies to make a backlink. Utilizing this procedure, you publish your site or site in a relevant directory with your blog info such as a link, speech, and exactly what your site is capable of accomplishing.

This is thought of as an Off-Page SEO that indirectly or directly impacts your site, but you don’t have any direct control over this procedure. Directory submission does not function as it did earlier.
Formerly, it had been powerful and helpful for connection building. Back then, search engines weren’t smart enough at which they gave significance to those websites coming with a large number of backlinks, all of the while ignoring if those sites were providing value and supplying relevant information for visitors.

Search spiders operate smartly and quickly capture the sites that attempt to construct backlink by directory entry all the time.

Directory Submission for Business

Directory submission proves To be effective for companies than straightforward sites or sites. If your site includes different online goods, then directory entry is something you need to practice regularly.

When you’re operating a company and you get registered in a directory, your own company includes a greater prospect of appearing before relevant visitors.

When users are Looking to Purchase something they Prefer to check into directories together with the appropriate site where they could read the testimonials and hints about a particular item.

There are a great deal of advantages to getting indexed in directory entry, particularly for companies, but it includes a single drawback unless you are supplying a perfect support. If a person testimonials bad on the directory website about your product, it may influence your general reputation.

If You Would like to conduct your company like a professional, you Need to maintain the item quality high that contrasts with the requirements of The traffic. If someone finds out your merchandise low quality which fails to Meet their needs, it is going to induce them to critique bad about the item.


Web Directory contains a list of websites organized by category, these sites are submitted by user. You will be submitting website to a directory to get a record, To list your site you want to submit this following information to these directory entry websites.

  • URL
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Category
  • E-mail
  • Keywords


Fully Functioning Free Web Directories List are below

List of Instant approval directory submission sites

Sr. No.
List of directory submission sites
Domain Authority
1. www.alivelinks.org 40 Instant Approval
2. www.asklink.org 41 Instant Approval
3. www.businessfreedirectory.biz 36 Instant Approval
4. www.411freedirectory.com 48 Instant Approval
5. www.a2place.com 37 Instant Approval
6. www.abstractdirectory.net 48 Instant Approval
7. www.acedirectory.org 45 Instant Approval
8. www.activdirectory.net 42 Instant Approval
9. www.adbritedirectory.com 41 Instant Approval
10. www.addgoodsites.com 43 Instant Approval
11. www.addirectory.org 42 Instant Approval
12. www.ad-links.org 35 Instant Approval
13. www.advancedseodirectory.com 39 Instant Approval
14. www.afunnydir.com 42 Instant Approval
15. www.alive-directory.com 50 Instant Approval
16. www.alivelink.org 37 Instant Approval
17. www.angelsdirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
18. www.apeopledirectory.com 38 Instant Approval
19. www.aquarius-dir.com 41 Instant Approval
20. www.ask-dir.org 36 Instant Approval
21. www.ask-directory.com 40 Instant Approval
22. www.aweblist.org 41 Instant Approval
23. www.backpagedir.com 42 Instant Approval
24. www.bedirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
25. www.beegdirectory.com 38 Instant Approval
26. www.bestbuydir.com 41 Instant Approval
27. www.bestdirectory4you.com 39 Instant Approval
28. www.bing-directory.com 41 Instant Approval
29. www.busybits.com 44 Instant Approval
30. www.businessfreedirectory.com 33 Instant Approval
31. www.classdirectory.org 43 Instant Approval
32.. www.clicksordirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
33. www.craigslistdir.org 47 Instant Approval
34. www.craigslistdirectory.net 41 Instant Approval
35. www.directdirectory.org 42 Instant Approval
36. www.directory10.biz 38 Instant Approval
37. www.directory10.org 37 Instant Approval
38. www.directory3.org 43 Instant Approval
39. www.directory4.org 37 Instant Approval
40. www.directory5.org 45 Instant Approval
41. www.directory6.org 38 Instant Approval
42. www.directory8.org 41 Instant Approval
43. www.directory9.biz 39 Instant Approval
44. www.directoryanalytic.com 46 Instant Approval
45. www.directorydirect.net 38 Instant Approval
46. www.domainnamesseo.com 43 Instant Approval
47. www.ebay-dir.com 41 Instant Approval
48. www.ecodir.net 45 Instant Approval
49. www.efdir.com 38 Instant Approval
50. www.exampledir.com 46 Instant Approval
51. www.facebook-list.com 44 Instant Approval
52. www.familydir.com 42 Instant Approval
53. www.freeseolink.org 34 Instant Approval
54. www.free-weblink.com 39 Instant Approval
55. www.freeweblink.org 37 Instant Approval
56. www.globaldir.org 36 Instant Approval
57. www.harddirectory.net 33 Instant Approval
58. www.homedirectory.biz 38 Instant Approval
59. www.hotdirectory.net 44 Instant Approval
60. www.hotlinks.biz 34 Instant Approval
61. www.huludirectory.com 40 Instant Approval
62. www.ifidir.com 35 Instant Approval
63. www.interesting-dir.com 44 Instant Approval
64. www.jet-links.com 37 Instant Approval
65. www.justdirectory.org 47 Instant Approval
66. www.justlink.org 41 Instant Approval
67. www.lemon-directory.com 43 Instant Approval
68. www.link-boy.org 36 Instant Approval
69. www.linkedin-directory.com 45 Instant Approval
70. www.link-man.org 37 Instant Approval
71. www.mediafiredirectlink.com 41 Instant Approval
72. www.nicedir.net 38 Instant Approval
73. www.one-sublime-directory.com 42 Instant Approval
74. www.piratedirectory.org 39 Instant Approval
75. www.poordirectory.com 41 Instant Approval
76. www.populardirectory.biz 38 Instant Approval
77. www.populardirectory.org 39 Instant Approval
78. www.prolink-directory.com 37 Instant Approval
79. www.reddit-directory.com 34 Instant Approval
80. www.relateddirectory.org 32 Instant Approval
81. www.relevantdirectories.com 42 Instant Approval
82. www.relevantdirectory.biz 44 Instant Approval
83. www.royaldirectory.biz 38 Instant Approval
84. www.searchdomainhere.com 43 Instant Approval
85. www.seooptimizationdirectory.com 47 Instant Approval
86. www.smartdir.org 36 Instant Approval
87. www.smartseolink.org 34 Instant Approval
88. www.steeldirectory.net 38 Instant Approval
89. www.sublimedir.net 40 Instant Approval
90. www.sublimelink.org 37 Instant Approval
91. www.target-directory.com 41 Instant Approval
92. www.targetlink.biz 32 Instant Approval
93. www.toptendir.net 37 Instant Approval
94. www.trafficdirectory.org 40 Instant Approval
95. www.unique-listing.com 46 Instant Approval
96. www.upsdirectory.com 47 Instant Approval

Above all websites are working good and those are with great DA/PA. I expect You men find this very useful and allow me to know if have some Immediate Endorsement directory entry websites in remark I’d really like to grow my own list. Check Additionally: Finest Infographic Entry Websites with Higher Domain Authority.


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