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5 Basic and Essential Video SEO Tips

Whether it’s a cat video or a well-timed prank, nothing goes viral faster on the internet than a video. Any company looking to grow its reach should work video into its social media and promotion strategy.

Not only will it get more eyes on your content, but it can help with your SEO strategy and improve your search engine ranking. It’s a common belief that video can’t be optimized for SEO, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The best marketing experts have been doing it for years.

Video is an increasingly important form of content, no matter what web marketing sector you’re focusing on; it’s one of the most accessible forms, easy for multitasking or those short on time. It also combines several forms of information, providing visual stimuli and auditory content for those who learn differently.

If you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your video content and get a boost in SEO, make sure to follow these five simple tips.

Improving Content Quality

In order to gain traction for your content, you’ll need something eye-catching to get people coming back. Adding video can make getting attention and optimizing your content for a wider audience seamless. Search engines are more likely to rank your website highly if it has various content, including video.

Why is this the case? Because users are far more likely to click on content when they see a video thumbnail. Google’s search results will take that video and create a “rich snippet” to get people to click, and this boosts your ranking thanks to the high click-through rate.

Video Marketing

Not only will videos improve the chances of your content ranking on Google, but they’ll also make it easier to promote your product to anyone interested. A video will attract viewers to your website, but it’ll also make sure they have something to keep them there depending on its length and engagement level.

To get the most out of video marketing:

Brand Awareness

Almost every brand starts from the same place – ground zero. Building brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges of starting a new company, and one of the perks of video content is that it spreads naturally – with algorithms and searches pulling new people to the video all the time.

While it’s not confirmed that Google prioritizes search results with video over those who don’t, studies indicate that over a quarter of all Google search results have one. When a video is included, most companies report a significant boost in traffic, at least ten percent to start.

Repackaging Content

Starting a video program is a great way to boost your company’s content without hiring outside content creators. You probably have a good amount of content built up from your social media posts and newsletters, and it doesn’t take much to transform those into engaging videos.

Video content for a business can be as much as getting a charming pitch person to repeat the selling points of your property or creating a catchy video out of sales images combined with music. Even with a low budget, you can easily create appealing video output.


Above all, make sure that if your website has video content, it’s likely to be engaging to those interested in your product. From an SEO perspective, you’re risking a lower ranking if Google finds your video content to be clickbait or otherwise not a good fit for its metric.

More importantly, having content that lacks relevance can turn off your audience in the long run. Your audience responds when you demonstrate that you understand what they’re looking for. You can better understand how to appeal to those interested in your area by using a content explorer tool to find and track unlinked brand mentions.

Make Your Company Go Viral

It’s common now to see people or companies make a second living off their video content alone. Whether you want a robust video output that will stand on its own or bring your ads and information to a broader audience, videos are one of the best ways to get started.

There is no shortage of platforms to host your videos and experts to help you produce your content. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes in your website traffic.

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