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Best Local SEO Strategies for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Law Firms

Local SEO Strategies for Lawyers

You have a good SEO strategy that is performing well for you. However, have you noticed that you are falling behind in the local market? This could be happing to you because with all the great strategies you have implemented; you somehow overlooked the potential of local market.

This piece will help you figure out what you could be doing wrong and how to fix it. Here are some for the best local SEO strategies for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms.

Best Local SEO Strategies for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Law Firms

1.     Be Specific

Be very specific about your area of legal practice. The law firm focused on one area is more visible than the ones providing full service. For instance, a law firm specializing in child custody sees more relevant traffic to their site than the ones offering other services along with it.

2.     SEO Optimized Website

Optimize your websites for a better search engine result. Websites that are not mobile responsive have broken links, have a high unreliability rate are not ranked higher on SEO. However, the most lethal mistakes most lawyers make is not including any form of contact information. Therefore, even if the local market reaches you, they have no way of contacting you.

3.     Google My Business Account

Creating a Google My Business account can help your site appear in the local snippet of Google search. The way Google My Business Account works is straightforward. You enter your business information into the account and when people near your law firm area ask for legal advice, your firm shows up.

4.     Create a Rich Content Library

Another strategy to attract a local market is to create informative and attractive content. This content can be anything from blog posts, reviews, legal advice, scholarship programs, advisory videos etc. you can also turn your clients’ quires into blog posts. You have the knowledge your client s are actively looking for.

5.     Have Quality Backlinking

Having quality backlinking, both inbound and outbound, adds to the credibility of a website. It also improves your SEO ranking. You have specific backlinking to your practice area. According to a study, the average backlinks for family and divorce law firm are approximately 3,057, for criminal defense lawyer 5,744, and for personal injury, 25,068.

6.     Get Endorsements

Endorsement or review helps add to the trustworthiness of a law firm. We understand that getting a review out of clients is a tricky part, which is why most lawyers prefer hiring Law Firm SEO Companies to take care of their whole SEO campaigns, which also includes getting reviews. A website displaying reviews and endorsements will not take much longer to convince a prospective client.

Bottom Line

Local SEO is extremely important for lawyers and attorneys since most people looking for legal advice prefer their privacy to anything else. Most of the cases are embarrassing nature for clients like criminal defense, child custody, financial issues etc. Clients prefer to get a local lawyer instead of someone that wants them to like their social media page, fearing publicity. Therefore, following the strategies mentioned above can help you develop an effective local SEO plan.



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