How to get more Likes for Your Fashion Brand’s Posts on Instagram?

It’s known to all why marketers now tend to flock on Instagram with their promotional activities. Comparing to its counterparts, Instagram is considered to be one of the top-grossing social media platforms, with about 600 million active users. For those who are planning to use Instagram for social marketing, here in this guide, we will try to discuss some expert ideas, tips, and strategies which will help you gain more likes for your fashion business postings. Without a long intro, let’s directly get into it.

 Ways to get more likes on Instagram 


1. Post only high-quality photos 

 This seems to be a no-brainer tip, but surprisingly many tend to dishonor it. In fact, you need not have to own a higher-end DSLR or professional equipment for this, but should make sure that you take good quality photographs in adequate lighting and proper focus for Instagram. The modern-day smartphones can do this task well for you and this feature many advanced settings too which you can use for photography. It is found that aesthetically pleasing photos tend to gross more likes and follows.

2. Use filters consistently 

 Even though it might seem to be monotonous to someone, it is always advisable to be consistent in your filtering scheme followed to build a proper brand identity on Instagram. You may try to limit the filters used to maximum two if not one. Expert advice the brand marketers to maintain a consistent brand identity on social media platforms, which make it easier for the followers to recognize you wherever they see you instantly. Increasing recognition will, in turn, yield more likes naturally.

3. Share your posts on multiple platforms.  

It is a great ideal to link the Instagram account with other social media platforms too like Facebook and Twitter etc. With this, the media you post may gain more fan following on other areas too. On rightly doing this, it will help leverage your profile traffic better and generate more views on various platforms. All these may set to be pointed towards your Instagram profile, and in turn, land them on your website to get more business. Another great place where you can share your Instagram posts is your blog.

4. Using local hashtags 

 Usage of local hashtags for Instagram promotions is an easy way to reach to more potential users around you. You can find the most popular accounts in your niche and check what local hashtags they use with their photos to ensure more reach. You may also try to use such hashtags, and there is also a good chance that you can easily connect with those near to you by featuring their photos related to your business. This will help the local brands to gain more followers from specific geographical locations and get more likes.

5. Leverage most popular hashtags 

 Even though you may not find the most globally popular hashtags to reach to the local users, using them will help marketers to reach to a large number of general users. Using the most popular hashtags will help you to make your photos seen by more users from across the regions and also naturally get more likes. Even though these may not be high-quality likes, you receive by using random popular hashtags, but these will surely help you to boost the credibility of your account.

6. Buy Insta likes 

 If you want to give an instant hype to your Instagram posts to give a positive reassurance to the followers about your acceptance, one may try to buy insta likes from any reliable providers. However, this needed to be done carefully as there are many fraudulent service providers too offering automated likings, which may not last for long. In fact, it is also not a good idea to buy likes all the times, but this has to be expertly planned and executed to get the best impact.

7. Tag locations 

 As like tagging users, it is possible for you to tag a specific location also while posting photos on Instagram, which will help you to be found on local search. The people in that region will be able to see your photos easily and instantly if you do this tagging. Tagging a general location as “Downtown TX” instead of a specific business name may surely have a higher chance to reach to people. Also, those who are looking for places near them would land on your posts, which means you have a higher chance to get more acceptances and thereby more likes to your photos. 


8. Share many behind-the-scene photos too.  

Social media is such a place where people can share anything legitimate. So, one tactic many of the expert business marketers do it to share the behind-the-scenes stories also for the followers, which may excite them. This will also help brands to develop a friendly personality and also help strengthen the bond with the customers. Along with your formal posts and product images, once in a while, allow your followers to peep behind the scenes to know about upcoming products, photos featuring your employees on an office tour or even something funny. Such contents are found to be more engaging and unique, which can naturally garner more likes from the followers.

 9. Like to enter a giveaway contest

There is no one out there who don’t want to get free stuff. You may creatively run some simple contests as like to enter and get some giveaway to gain more likes for your posts. If the barriers to getting an entry into something rewarding is low, people tend to give it a try. Like is a matter of a mouse click or a touch on the screen, so, like-to-enter campaigns have a high chance to succeed easily. For this, you may create an attractive photo of the giveaway prizes your offer and then invite the users to like the photo to win it. You may also add a CTA to Instagram posts if you want to them fulfill any other steps. 


For fashion brands, there are still more ways to earn more likes including running a tag-to-enter contest, partnering with an influencer in your niche, host some takeover event, partnering with other non-competitor brands, paid promotion of your posts etc.


Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues. 

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