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How to Get Your CBD Gummies Content to Be Indexed Faster

You’ve got your CBD gummies brand established, and you believe you have the best CBD gummies on the market. You found an audience you deeply understand, and know how to engage their interest. You even put up a website you’re excited about, and have been creating content like mad. You are doing all the right things, yet even when you search for the exact unique name of your brand, it never comes up in the results.

The digital marketing game seems to be completely rigged if “Mike’s Bike Shop” comes up before your CBD gummies when you search for them even though they are named “Georgina T. Miltner’s Mighty Tasty CBD Gummies Made With Hemp-Derived CBD For Ballerinas and Tap Dancers Over the Age of 50,” and you know without a doubt that no other brand is using that name. So what is happening? Why isn’t your brand showing up?

Most likely, it has nothing to do with your level of specificity, and more to do with the fact that none of your pages are indexed in Google’s search engine. Let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to make that happen so you can get your brand found by the people who are looking.

What is Indexing?

Your website may be up on the World Wide Web, but it doesn’t mean a thing if Google and other search engines don’t know. Google’s index is the vast list of websites and web pages that are available at any given time. When you put in a search, Google does its best to match your intended purpose with websites that may be able to help. It ranks the results based on things like website expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, or E-A-T.

Google determines ranking by crawling (essentially scanning) your page and finding essential elements that boost scores in each of the E-A-T categories. In order to show up higher on the results list, you need to make sure you provide Google with significant evidence that your site is the best result for the searches your potential customers may be entering.

How To Get Your CBD Gummies Content Indexed With Google

If none of your content is showing up in any searches, you need to check with Google Search Console to confirm that your pages have been crawled. Make sure you set up a sitemap and provide it to Google. This process varies depending on your web host and content management system, but you should be able to easily find instructions pertaining to your specific system.

Avoid Flooding Google With Useless Pages

Once Google knows your URLs, it will periodically crawl those addresses looking for new content. Regularly creating new content is one of the most important ways to boost your rankings, but you need to be strategic in what you post. Google knocks your ranking back for duplicate pages, and pages that have nothing useful on them.

If you need to include pages that do not offer useful information—like thank you pages—then make sure you either include a Robots.txt file or a noindex meta tag. Again, these processes vary depending on your content management system, but you should be able to easily find instructions now that you know what you are looking for.

Make Sure Your Website Includes Credentials and Contact Information

One way that Google ranks trustworthiness and authority, is by looking for contact information for the page owner, and the content creator’s credentials. Contact information is particularly important if you are selling anything, so make sure to include an email address and phone number for your CBD gummies business.

Keywords are More Than Just Words

When determining if your content has the information that will satisfy a search, Google looks for the keywords that are part of the search. If someone enters “hemp-derived CBD gummies,” for example, Google will first look for that exact phrase, then for pieces of the phrase. Your job is to include specific keywords on the list for each post or page in your content management system, and then make sure you use those keywords several times throughout your content. Do not just throw the words in randomly or in a meaningless order, because Google is smarter than that. If you just have a bunch of keywords and no substance, you will get dinged.

Links, Links, and More Links (As Long as They are Relevant)

Google finds your pages through links found on other pages, which is why it is important to include at least one or two internal links in every new post you create. The trick is to make sure those links are relevant, because otherwise Google will ignore them. So again, no randomly-placed lists.

Make Friends

Google loves it when other websites link to your CBD gummies site, and when real people write reviews of your products. If you know other people with websites, you could start by asking them if you can write a guest post on their site and link back to your site. You could also reach out to owners of other relevant sites and ask for an advertising spot or offer to link to their site if they link to yours.

In addition to getting other sites to link to your site, testimonials and reviews of your product are a great way to build trustworthiness of your products. You surely have at least one customer who thinks your CBD gummies are the best CBD gummies around (okay, maybe it’s your mom but no one needs to know that). Get them to write a review of your gummies so Google and the rest of the world can learn about Georgina T. Miltner’s Mighty Tasty CBD Gummies Made With Hemp-Derived CBD For Ballerinas and Tap Dancers Over the Age of 50, though you may want to shorten the name just a bit.