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Questions You Need to Ask to Hire the Best SEO Company for Your Business

The idea of trying to push the marketing campaign of a business without professional help can be a tall order — even for large businesses that can delegate staff to various marketing tasks. Marketing can be quite easy if done right, but it is something of an exact science, and the slightest mishap could have far-reaching problems as a company’s online reputation is not to be taken lightly. For example, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) is considered a great way to stay ahead of the competition, though there is a method of getting things done just right. Only the best SEO company for any given business can get the job done without the hassle.

That said, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right professionals for the job. After all, considering how saturated the marketplace is with SEO, it is only understandable that professionals who claim to be the best would also saturate the market. In such cases, it would be beneficial to pay as much attention as possible to what the company can offer you before coming to a decision.

While it is not necessarily obvious when a potential candidate is the best SEO company for the business, there are ways to help come to a consensus — such as asking the right questions. By asking the right type of question, it allows the business owner to ascertain the goals of the agency, and whether or not they will be a great fit. Here are questions all business owners need to ask to hire the best possible SEO company for their companies.

On the topic of goals

No matter the scenario, there will always be metrics that define success for a company, and SEO specialists are not exempt from the rule. That said, asking a company representative how they define successful metrics can also be a trick question. While some companies will do their best to ensure that page-one rankings become a reality, the fact of the matter is that there is no possible guarantee.

As a matter of fact, if the agency promises page-one rankings no matter the scenario, it is not a reassuring thought. A company so confident in their methods could very well be using black hat techniques to try to gain brand exposure.

Keep in mind that the metrics which define success depend entirely on the goals of the business. Without such information, the SEO company would not be able to offer guarantees, only that they aim to work with the user’s goals.

How the best SEO company goes for link-building

Similar to the question regarding successful metrics, link building is one of the backbones of SEO solutions, and will likely take a lot of work. Once again, it would be wise to be wary of companies that make too many promises regarding the number of links such an agency can obtain for a business. The ability to obtain thousands and thousands of links within the span of a few weeks is possible, but it will more than likely be low-quality links.

The idea that the first things an SEO company might bring up would be the timeframe and the number of links goes to show that they might not have the best link-building strategy for links that are relevant to the company. Organic link-building requires relevant and high-quality content, something that will take time, and something that agencies worth their salt will not gloss over. Making too many guarantees can make most agencies seem insincere, and even if they might provide the necessary links, it might not be of a high enough quality to make a difference.

How does the agency report overall progress?

The availability of the agency at certain time-frames is crucial for businesses, as going for a company at the opposite time-frame will only cause problems down the line. At the same time, it would also be a good idea to ask for a sample of a progress report to figure out just how much information they can provide their clients. While startup businesses might have a hard time understanding the metrics in a report, paying attention to how well the agency can explain the different aspects of a progress report will show just how much they understand about the subject matter.

If the business owner has an easy time keeping up with what the SEO company is saying regarding the different aspects of a progress report, the agency likely knows exactly what they are doing. Some agencies will try to apply smoke and mirrors with all sorts of metrics, but asking about specifics will quickly show the extent of their knowledge. Their answers will bring the company owner one step closer to finding the best SEO company.

How does the SEO company approach the mobile platform?

One of the most crucial questions is asking what the SEO company has in store when it comes to the mobile platform and market. It is common knowledge that most online users prefer their smartphones over computers when it comes to surfing — as well as when it comes to purchasing various items. Most marketing campaigns would be remiss not to have even a little bit of focus on the mobile platform, and the SEO company’s approach on mobile will tell a lot about their priorities. While there is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to mobile marketing, it is still a good sign for an SEO company to speak at length about how they intend to tackle mobile SEO.

Without a doubt, asking the right questions will ensure that the business ends up with the best SEO company on its side. Do not be afraid to ask questions, as the answers will dictate whether or not such an agency is worth pursuing. While it might not necessarily guarantee success with a zero percent failure rate, it still vastly increases a company’s chances of marketing success. The best part is that it takes barely any effort to accomplish!